• The First Round Voting Results In France’s Presidential Election Was Stolen From Marine Le Pen. That Is Why She Left FN.

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  • How Obama Pulled Off The Heist Of The Century

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  • 4Chan And Their Alien Problem

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  • I Have “Cracked The Code” of New York’s Latest Masonic Building – Trump Tower.

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  • For 3 Decades, The Muslim Students Association Has Been An American Front/Recruitment Drive For Islamic Terrorist Groups.

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  • Donald’s Ban is all part of the plan, folks.

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  • The Bilderberg Website Hack: It’s Aliens, isn’t it? Yeah…

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  • With one phone call, Donald gained control over the Israeli/Palestine peace process, destroyed the legacies of Obama, Clinton, and Carter, started the (eventual) Muslim ban, banked a (future) favor from Egypt, and stumped the UN into showing their true colors. Here’s how:

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  • How Angela Merkel Destroyed The BND To Accept ISIS Refugees.

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  • Julian Assange: Reporters ‘Erecting A Demon’ By Protecting Hillary Clinton (or: The Secret Holy War of the Elites)

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