Who is Q?

The Internet’s ablaze with one question: “Who is Q?”
No one really knows.
I haven’t really seen anything to justify taking Q seriously though. But no one ever said it had to be a person. “Q” can also be a “concept” or a “character“.

Theory #1) The 4Chan mentioning of “Q Clearance” (as the self-described key to understanding the posts; click the link to read the message) refers to the book of the same name by Peter Benchley, satirizing the Cold War and USSR geopolitics in the mid 80’s:

When Timothy Burnham, a minor White House speech writer, unexpectedly becomes the President’s chief political confidant and all-round advisor he also receives the attention of the Soviets, who see him as a conduit to Oval Office secrets. Jolted out of a humdrum existence when his wife sends him packing, Burnham struggles to cope with his failing marriage, the demands of a garrulous President, and the charms of Eva Pym, an irresistible and unwilling Soviet agent.
For clarity’s sake, the US Government first announced that “Russia hacked the election” on October 7, 2016. The first “Q Anon” post was made nearly a year later, on October 31, 2017
Theory #2} “Q” is a literal reference to the Star Trek character “Q”:

Despite his vast knowledge and experience spanning untold eons (and much to the exasperation of the object(s) of his obsession), he is not above practical jokes for his own personal amusement, for some otherwise unfathomably Machiavellian and manipulative purpose, or simply to prove a point. He is said to be nigh-omnipotent, and he is continually evasive regarding his true motivations.

The name “Q” applies not only to the names of the individuals portrayed (all “male” and “female” characters refer to each other as “Q”), it also applies to the name of their race and to the Q Continuum itself – an alternate dimension accessible to only the Q and their “invited” guests. The true nature of the realm is said to be beyond the comprehension of “lesser beings” such as humans, therefore it is shown to humans only in ways they can understand.

Neither of these Theories contradict each other.
But one thing’s for sure – the anonymous user is definitely not someone worthy of a Q Clearance. Because if they did possess such clearance, their very flaunting of such a credential, on 4Chan would be borderline stupid. Given their access to highly damaging national secrets, it’d be a slippery slope in consciously not revealing even the smallest details of classified information to investigatory-hungry posters.
Not to mention that overall, few people even hold such a clearance (though there’s obviously a list somewhere), and that nothing written up in the posts have ever concretely been predicted to have occurred (other than second-hand information about things that could happen but haven’t).

Taking into account either and / or both theories, I believe Q is Dan Scavino, drumming up support for Trump’s fan base during the “calm” period during the “boring” months:

Scavino can easily be referencing the book for his similarities to the protagonist’s situation, as well as to Star Trek’s Q, for “the true nature of the realm [of 4Chan] is said to be beyond the comprehension of ‘lesser beings’ such as humans, therefore it is shown to humans only in ways they can understand” [hence the dropping of breadcrumbs]. And he’s definitely politically connected…
On June 21, 2016—a day after Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired—Trump tapped Parscale, who had no prior exposure to politics, as his campaign’s digital chief. As Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon engineered the vision for the campaign, Parscale says he emerged as the doer or, in his words, the “campaign plumber.”
“In 2016 and going forward, the thing that a campaign does every day is largely digital. The guy or gal who runs digital is, therefore, de facto in charge of the campaign,” says Gerrit Lansing, former chief digital officer of the Republican National Committee. “Parscale is really maybe one of the primary examples of what happens when a campaign needed their digital team more than really any other previous candidate.”
Yet the one question that remains is whether or not Scavino has a “handle” on how to use these Indo-Chinese Macrame Boards. Has Scavino been in the media for tweeting Chan memes before?


Interestingly, “Q” seems like the respectable follow-up to Scavino’s earlier misadventures on the “white supremacist” message boards. On July 3, 2016, two weeks after officially joining the campaign and receiving full control of its message, a “racist” image of Hillary Clinton alongside a Jewish Star was uploaded to Trump’s Twitter Account.  This isn’t scandalous in and of itself, since Scavino has permission to tweet on his behalf:

Source: Donald Trump's Twitter (since deleted)
What’s interesting is that the image had appeared on 4Chan’s cousin, 8Chan, over a week prior to the tweet’s creation:
Of course, Scavino tweeted out a general statement on the matter (especially since he’s been 16 years married to a Jew), but this isn’t the first time his tweets have caused trouble. A year later, Scavino “accidentally checkmarked his work account and his personal account on Tweet Deck”…He tweeted as both the President and himself!

In case you were ever curious: that specific, Trumpian way of tweeting? The one that late-night comedians thought was so hilarious before Donald Trump was actually elected president? The one that prompts people, day after day, to make jokes about how Trump cannot put the phone down and govern, how Trump is always tweeting?

Yeah, that’s a brand. It’s a specific choice by Trump’s social media team, one that the manager can replicate and pass off as Trump’s own.

What a troll!
So now that Candidate Trump has become President Trump, what’s Scavino to do in keeping busy while expanding his influence and brand?
“I always said I wanted to be the White House photographer. I think that would be a really cool job for me,” Scavino said of what he would do if Trump takes the White House. “Or maybe I’ll run the POTUS Twitter account.”
Or maybe he’ll LARP on 4Chan, adding another digital notch to his belt for inspiring a legion of counter-culture Gen Z shitposters to support the defacto establishment.
Sounds about right for someone inside Trump’s circle, yet worlds away from truly being “in the know”. It’s why Q only offers breadcrumbs in pseudo-code, it’s all he has.
And it’s working.
Tl;Dr: Q reads like a gossip magazine. All claims, no hard evidence. The failure to follow up on the burden of proof. But either way, it’s hilarious.

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