The First Round Voting Results In France’s Presidential Election Was Stolen From Marine Le Pen. That Is Why She Left FN.

Marine Le Pen is stepping down from her party, FN, as of one hour ago.

People will say she hasn’t got a backbone, or she’s betraying her constituents, or that this is her implicitly accepting her (eventual) failure to win the presidential candidacy.

They’re all wrong, for what Marine has done is nothing more than a neutral / net positive. Her risk of losing hasn’t changed, it’s just been mitigated.

What’s going on is she’s attempting to raise her poll numbers. She has rookie numbers. 21.53%, to be exact.

While her main opponent, Emanuele Macron, has 23.75% (which is obviously not much better), the overall vote was split between 11 candidates in the first round.

Obviously, the votes were split based on whom people were voting for, with a general understanding of party platforms (since all but FN were considered establishment parties).

The people who already voted for Le Pen in the first round of presidential elections will do so again because of her (and not her party). While there were votes from obvious party supporters (because why wouldn’t there be?), there were also votes (naturally) from those who would “stick it” to the establishment candidates. Her percentage (which is more impactful when remembering, again, that there were 11 candidates in the first round), was rounded out by those people.

So by disassociating from FN, she’s saying “I am not my father’s (“racist”) party, I am Marine Le Pen”.

Those “fuck you” voters (formerly establishment party voters) won’t vote for FN again without just cause. They simply didn’t like their first round candidates – it’s like voting for Bernie Sanders in the primaries because you don’t like Hillary Clinton, but voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election because you’re still a lifelong Democrat.

With Macron now in the running solo, it truly does become a matter of who you vote for, versus whichever platform they hold. FN as a party (and Marine, as a candidate) were left-wing when it came to economic policies (essentially socialist), but heavily right-wing when it came to security of the state (bye bye criminal refugees).

So even if people don’t like Macron, they will vote for him because he’s not Le Pen. And vice versa. This changes things up. Anchored to FN, she’ll only lose votes from the “fuck you” voters because of FN. So she’s gone rogue.

Macron vs Le Pen.

Now let’s talk about the percentages 23.75% Macron versus 21.53% Le Pen – it’s very close.

Assuming her won percentage from the first round was also skewed due to voter fraud, her numbers may actually be higher.

Macron may have been artificially placed in the second round of voting (over the other nine candidates) by voter fraud due to his youth. If elected, he’d be the youngest French president ever.

And yet, according to Reddit user /u/Ozark_Patriot:

In 2010, Macron left the Commission To Improve French Growth for a job at ROTHSCHILD & CIE BANQUE in Paris, despite having no experience in acquisitions and mergers. He became an overnight millionaire, and quit his job for Rothschild to seek political office. He only served 18 months in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Data before seeking the Presidency.
Let’s think about this. He was given a multi-million dollar job in a bank owned by the Rothschild family despite having no experience in banking, then quit to seek a $70K a year political office, in a field that he also had no experience in, before running for President of France.
It gets better. His political party, “En Marche”, is funded by BNP Paribas, a French bank owned by the Rothschilds!.
He is a Rothschild agent being groomed for the Presidency. Spread this everywhere.

If Marine Le Pen truly has higher numbers than what is reported by the left-wing media, her condemnation by the left-wing media (both in France and abroad) means that technically she won the first round.

This would make it even spicier for her to “step down”, throwing off the globalist dogs hunting for her scent.

It makes her look weak, powerless, and accepting of a loss (even though she’s doing the exact opposite).

Given that the percentage results are technically “unofficial” until the 26th of April (as the Constitutional Council needs to tally the votes), if one can prove voter fraud and lost votes, then there might not be a need for a second round.

There are two days left. Get on it, /pol/.


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