The most important man in the Clinton Foundation (feat: Frank Guistra, George Soros, and Child Sexual Abuse)

Previously, I mentioned how George Soros was co-opting a tool utilized by Putin, and created by the CIA, in order to destabilize countries.

I also mentioned a key player whose involvement (currently ongoing), was utilized as a means to both bolster Russia to take over Crimea (with an attempt on Kazakhstan), as well as strengthen the diplomatic ties of the Clinton Foundation internationally.

That man? Frank Guistra, who has been with the Clinton’s in Haiti, has donated $30 million for AIDS efforts through the Clinton initiative, and still remains a board member on the Clinton Foundation as of 2016.

While we already know that Frank Guistra was involved in orchestrating the main (and early) acquisitions of the Uranium One deal, Frank is also a philanthropist.

In 1997, he created the Radcliffe Foundation. In 2005, his Foundation partnered with the International Crisis Group. In 2007, he partnered with Bill Clinton to establish the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (which is how he got involved in Haiti “relief efforts” in the first place).

Concerning the International Crisis Group (ICG), their work is stated to be “independent, and non-partisan”. Yet their connections to a current Board Member makes it definitely a revolving door of partisanship.

The ICG, for those unawares, was co-founded by Mark Malloch Brown, who serves as a member of Open Society Foundation’s Global Board, and who presides over the 16-state Smartmatic voting machine company.

The other co-founder of ICG is Morton Abramowitz, who served as Ambassador to Thailand under Carter, and as Ambassador to Turkey under George HW Bush. He is irrelevant here.

The odd thing about this partnership is that it was formed in a “chance” meeting during a flight to Sarajevo, Bosnia during their civil war. Another coincidence is that George Soros provided the seed money – and still retains active involvement in.

What else does Soros retain interest in? The Clintons. So it’s no surprise that the power couple actively helped destabilize Bosnia and Serbia in Bill’s Presidential reign. As /u/stankypussay writes:

It’s a deeper story to the bosnia case that is not told by the msm. The real dirty business started with the yugoslav wars with the Clintons. The whole area of Srebrenica was a safe zone by the UN.

One year before the Srebrenica massacre on serbian christmas, a islamist leader by the name of Naser Oric, a Bosniak. Slaughtered over 50 serbian villages in the protected zone. Over 3500 Serbs were killed, the Serbian retaliation one year later killed 8000 Bosniaks. By many bosniak prominent figures the killings were planned by the bosniak leader Izetbegovic. By letting them die the Muslims could get the media attention and safeguarding needed by the US and allies.

And the sick thing is that the cucked government of Great Britain and others wanted it to be classified as a genocide when 8000 people die, and not when 3500 Serbs died a year earlier. Making Srebrenica the only classed case of genocide besides Rwanda. Thank God for Putin and Russia it got vetoed. Or the Serbian Republic in BiH would be dismantled.

The first Jihad war on European territory since the middle ages were fought between the Serbs and the Bosniaks. Where thousands of Arabs joined their holy cause to make Bosnia a fully Muslim country. Many of these that fought have been later identified as people helping in the events of 9/11. (editor’s note, I covered this in another post). Many stayed and have whole villages of fundamental islamists in Bosnia where no one is allowed in or any recording to take place. And from one of these villages recruitment to ISIS is held. Bosnia has 2nd most contributers to ISIS of European nations. Thanks rest of the world………….

I recommend all of you to watch, Srebrenica a town betrayed. The only documentary that showed all sides of that conflict. Getting censored by the cucked nations as Sweden and the MSM.

Link to the documentary with subtitles in English. It’s a Norwegian documentary:

So what exactly does the ICG do? Well, they provide policy reports to foreign governments, in the field of “disaster relief”. But the true disaster during the Bosnian-Serbian civil war were the rampant “dancing boy” sex scandals between the United Nations, international relief workers, and DynCorp International:

“Put bluntly, DynCorp was involved in a sex slavery scandal in Bosnia in 1999, with its employees accused of rape and the buying and selling of girls as young as 12”.

DynCorp was also involved in Afghanistan’s tradition of “Bacchi Bazi”, or “boy love”:

“In a May 2009 meeting interior minister Hanif Atmar expresses deep concerns that if lives could be in danger if news leaked that foreign police trainers working for US commercial contractor DynCorp hired “dancing boys” to perform for them”.

Paragraph 38 of the International Code of Coduct for Private Security Service Providers (which governs how such entities are to act in international territory, and of which DynCorp is no longer a member) states:

“Signatory Companies will not benefit from, nor allow their Personnel to engage in or benefit from, sexual exploitation (including, for these purposes, prostitution) and abuse or gender-based violence or crimes, either within the Company or externally, including rape, sexual harassment, or any other form of sexual abuse or violence. Signatory Companies will, and will require their Personnel to, remain vigilant for all instances of sexual or gender-based violence and, where discovered, report such instances to competent authorities”.

While it seems that this isn’t about Dyncorp (albeit Cerebus, the parent company, donates to Clinton), as the ICG isn’t a Private Military Contractor and rather a global thinktank; A) it establishes that sexual scandals have occurred before during humanitarian crises requiring disaster relief, and B) you’d think a company like ICG, with relief efforts in 26 African countries, 16 Asian countries, 20 European countries, 7 Latin American countries, and 15 Middle Eastern countries would at least sign it (or start the paperwork) out of good faith.

Especially since the International Code of Coduct for Private Security Service Providers isn’t just about sexual abuse regulations, and isn’t just signed by Private Military Contractors (but also by governments and NGOs as well).

Especially since nothing is stopping ICG from joining in the first place:

“By joining the ICoC Association, civil society organizations help to promote and protect human rights and support the rule of law through improving effective regulation and accountability of the private security sector.

Member civil society organizations play a key role in safeguarding the human rights focus of the Association’s core functions, and in ensuring that monitoring is carried out according to established human rights methodologies”.

But let’s say there are no child sex scandals happening (even though it’s been proven in the past). And let’s say that there is no pedophilia among those who work for the Clinton campaign (even though Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy rate), and let’s say that these pedo emails are being used to discredit the Trump-supporting Republicans, one glaring point of contention still remains:

As DynCorp proved before, the word “Crisis” is ascribed negatively as a means of “requiring help”. In a positive connotation, it also means “opportunity”. And as the New York Times highlighted, global thinktanks are in the business of lobbying for foreign opportunity, as “the think tanks do not disclose the terms of the agreements they have reached with foreign governments. And [as] they have not registered with the United States government as representatives of the donor countries, an omission that appears, in some cases, to be a violation of federal law.”

And who better to seize upon creating such opportunities than the man who funded them from the beginning, the man who has destabilized previous governments through the promotion of self-funded insurgencies, the man whose very own methodology for accumulating massive capital is heavily based on self-reflexivity –  a social theory that not only focuses on the “ends”, but also on the “means” to get there.  A man who coincidentally contributed with seed money a “disaster relief” organzation during the height of the Bosnian war, co-founded by two men whom he’s funded – and endorsed by a third (Frank).

Frank also happens to own the Elpida Home for Refugees, a subsidiary of The Radcliffe Foundation, and thus it goes full-circle. Sponsor a “disaster relief”, then provide the “relief” yourself. War is a racket, they say, and no one is more familiar than the Clintons.

Previously in mentioning that George Soros achieved global prominence in influencing American politics in 2002 (after he de-funded the DNC in order to buy it up), his funding of a large international crisis relief organization also allows Soros to fund their respective insurgencies as well (as he bets on macroeconomic trends). Creating opportunities allows his company to have targets in the first place.

So how does Frank Guistra fit into this? Well, he’s still an active board member for the Clinton Foundation, he still has a board position in the ICG (since 2005), oh, and he donated $1 million to their organization eight months ago…

But pedophilia problems might not be connected to Soros’s overall ICG (even though Frank Guistra has numerous connections), right? All just a massive coincidence, right?

sniffs “Wrong.”

Remember when Putin (in)famously mentioned that Gays could attend the Sochi Olympics as long as they didn’t bother the children, and everyone thought that was Putin being out-of-touch?

Do you know why he (and many Russians) view pedophilia as a “Gay” problem?

Because Putin used to be a KGB officer from 1975 to 1991, leaving in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. He entered politics shortly thereafter.

What’s rarely mentioned in the aftermath is what actually informs Putin’s sentiment – underground Russian child porn rings in the early 1990s.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and collapse of Russia’s controlled economy, a new Russian Federation was created under Boris Yeltsin in 1991. This national collapse fueled child homelessness rates (and homelessness rates in general). As Olga Khvostunova in Russia’s Invisible Children writes:

“In the long term, the prevalence of homeless children leads to the growth of the crime rate, drug abuse, and HIV incidence, thus undermining the foundations of society at large…Since the early 1990s, Russia has seen a new wave of youth homelessness. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the social and economic crisis that followed has led to major cutbacks in government… By the mid-2000s, government spending on education per child dropped to half of the rate in 1990. Experts estimate that over 1.5 million children currently do not attend school”.

In fact, while the rates of Homeless children have always been a problem in Russia since the turn of the previous century, what didn’t exist prior to the 1990s were Internet forums and massively-disseminated pornography. This is from a US Government House Hearing, 109th Congress, featuring alleged pedophile Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald:

“In the early 1990s, before the advent of the Internet, it seemed in the United States that commercial child pornography was on the decline. This was due to several factors, especially several U.S. Supreme Court decisions that removed any first amendment protection for the possession or distribution of child pornography. These decisions were coupled with aggressive law enforcement efforts primarily targeting the U.S. mail system, which was the means of transporting these images. Unfortunately, the Internet reversed this trend.

With the growing use of the Internet, the number of child predators who seek to make, distribute, and view images of children being sexually abused continues to skyrocket.  This is due to the anonymity, accessibility, and ease with which child predators can operate on the Internet. The extent of the problem is staggering”.

One question remains: Is there reasonable evidence as to why “absurdly” Putin solely believes it’s a “Gay” issue?

Well, it has nothing to do with boys per se (middle eastern traditions not withstanding). Both boys and girls are trafficked. Putin is instead referring to the LGBTQ / Transgender voting bloc.

According to a leaked memo from the Open Society Foundation, George Soros planned to overthrow Putin to destabilize Russia. One way of doing this? Using a time-tested DNC method (the party which Soros owns) of soliciting a minority population’s voting bloc in order to push against propaganda laws!

Remember Putin’s comments on Gay Olympians and tourists leaving children alone?:

“We do not have a ban on non-traditional sexual relationships,” said Putin in comments reported by Russian agencies. “We have a ban on the propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia. I want to underline this. Propaganda among children. These are absolutely different things – a ban on something or a ban on the propaganda of that thing.

So there you have it: a previous international conflict, of which Clinton’s American foreign policy was a part of, led to later sexual abuse scandals among international relief workers. That same international conflict served as inspiration for a global “disaster relief” organization to purposefully inject themselves into every conflict they created (if need be) – serving not only as a slush fund for the man whose entire fortune is predicated on that notion, but also a means of fostering child sexual exploitation (not only due to the rise of the Internet, and the limited efforts of Russian officials to limit such exposure, but also due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fallout of their resulting economy).

I think I speak on behalf of all of humanity when I echo Putin’s words to Soros: “Thank God we kicked you out of Russia”.


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