The Bilderberg Website Hack: It’s Aliens, isn’t it? Yeah…

So before you read this post, just a heads up, this is my look into the mindset of a stereotypical /r/conspiracy theorist commentator. I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist (I’m just an analyst), but it’s always fun to entertain an idea without actually accepting it.

So I’ve adjusted my tinfoil hat (firmly), and hopefully you have too. This is mostly the product of having a free weekend with nothing to do.

On December 31, 2016, the Bilderberg Meetings website was defaced. Hacked by an Anonymous person, a threatening message was left as a warning, with the countdown ending in exactly 365 days.

0x? HackBack movement
AnD AnonyMous

===============[ present ]================

=== Message to the People ===
SInCe the Advent of Time, huMans have long forgotten to love and CaRe for eaCh other.
In TheiR egoist, selfish driven minds, a coUpLe of people have managed to get the Power and abuse it against the weakz.
HiStorY is repEating Itself.
TheRe is no EqualiTy between humans on world scale and So called HumAN Rights ArE nothiNg more than an Illusion.
The Globalization and World order system is faVorinG this unbearable situation, at least it IS for huMans-caRers.
whatS going On today: weak PeoPles suffer, die or livE in poVerty to serve upper interestS.
EmPoweRed ElitE plays the world BIG Guys.
This World order is conduCted by grouPs which are composed of WeALthy 1% uber-Elite and CorrUpted empowered Politicians.
DoNt follOw theIr proPagaNda sayIng this situation Is not TruE or Paranoia-driven.
post cold-war LiberaL capitalism has managed tO wideSpreAd *IDEA* that $$$ equals hapiness and should be a lifegoal for the 99%. An egoist goal.
ThIs system also sEttleD durably dOminance of ThesE groups.
they told Us “yOu GoT To worK hard!” TheY don’t. Inheriting powerS from their Parents and these groups of “FriEnds”.
ThEre Is no suCces sTories sorry: would TOp100 richEst persons alive still been riCh if thEy were born in Africa from poor pArents, No.
ThEse whole grouPs and iNterests are driVen by tHe evil idea that some HuMans (them) are superiorS to others (you).
ThE CurRent sysTem will keep them in place, in good positions and for a good amoUnT of Time.
YOuR CHildrEN stand NO CHANCE aGainst theirs. whatEver schools you put theM in.

NoW() is the time you need to think
NoW() is the time we nEed to put an end to this altogether
As you mAy havE guessEd thIs fight is INequal
PoWeR is in the hand of ThesE groupS
But not All hope is lost
We, the free people, wiLl fIght for You without even asking
But we need mOre than this: we beg you supPort
WiThoUt you, the public, We cAnT do nothing
LiSten to yoUr heart, see the situation and do what you shoUld
YoU *CAN* makE the world a better place

=== Message to the WealthY Elitico-Political 1% RIChEst dominant pricks ===
WoRDs are not enOugh To TeLl you how much we dispiTe you and your dominant behAvior
No HumAns stanD above otheRs and you WIll have to learn IT
Dear Bilderberg mEmBers, From NoW(), each OnE of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in faVor of HumaNs and not youR private interests
Each TopIc you disCuss or work you achieve thRough YoUr uber privAte meetinGs should from now benefit WORlD population and not X or Y groUp of people
OtHerWIse, we will FinD you and we Will hAck you
MiNd the cuRrent situation: We conTrol your expensive connected cars, we control your connecteD house security devices, we control your daughter laptop, we control your wife’s mobile,
we tape YoUR seCret meetings, we reAD your emaiLs, we control your faVoriTe eScort girl smartWatch, we ARe inside your beLoved banks and we Are reading YoUr assets
You wont be safe anywhere near electricty anyMore
We WiLL watch yOu, from NoW on you got to WoRk for Us, Humanity, the People

====================== [ greets ]=========================

CheErs to PhineAs Fisher, you Re one of the GreatEst hUmaN alive

Spelling mistakes aside, the message is quite clear: All your base belong to us.

Whomever hacked the website has told Elites to either shape up or ship out. However, a majority of the Reddit users are considering that the plaintext message has a secret hidden within it. No one seems to be actually attempting a solve, even 3 days has passed, so I’ll take a crack at it. The only Redditor who seems to have made any breakthrough is /u/TOP_KEK, writing “TIEDOTE is finnish for statement or announcement”, though I have yet to actually find any evidence that Finland even exists

First, it’s clear the lower-case letters are jiving with the upper-case Capitals. So one set of letters have to go. Thing is, you could probably write a program to do it for you, but you risk messing up – so it’s more trustworthy to do it by hand. I’m removing the lower-case letters because it seems the plaintext is still perfectly readable when the Capitals are gone – a sign that the “hidden message” (if any) is in the Capitals.

Isolating the Capitals, and you get:







We’ll get back to that later.

Note the following more closely from the original message:

0x? HackBack movement
AnD AnonyMous


CheErs to PhineAs Fisher, you Re one of the GreatEst hUmaN alive

So “0x” is the prefix informing the compiler that the integers after it are written in hexadecimal.

In mathematics and computing, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. GPS-enabled devices can use hexadecimal systems for storing coordinates.

Since the positional order goes Latitude, then Longitude, it stands that the header is your Latitude and your footer is your Longitude. So until otherwise stated, Latitude = 0xHBADAM, and Longitude = 0xCEPAFRGEUN.

So, we have:




Convert those two text strings into hexadecimal (using an ASCII Table) and you get:

0x48 42 41 44 41 4d


0x43 45 50 41 46 52 47 45 55 4e

(Note that I’ve separated the numbers to make it easier to read, but normally they’d be closed).

Now take those numbers and convert the hexadecimal characters into decimals. Again, you can use an online calculator for this (what you’re essentially doing is converting from base-16 to base-10).

The first set of characters thus becomes:


And the second set becomes either:


So now we have the decimals, but we’re not ready to turn them into coordinates yet.

Why? Because first we have to divide by 3,600,000 milliarcseconds (60 minutes x 60 seconds x 1000 milliseconds). After all, 3,600,000 milliarcseconds equals 1 degree.

As such, the new numbers are (rounded to nine significant digits – as most public-access maps are not specialized enough to handle a number larger than nine digits):

Latitude = 794494000/3600000 = 220.692778 decimal degrees.

Longitude = 317677163/3600000 = 88.2436564 decimal degrees.
Now, we have to convert out the decimals to degrees:

Latitude = 220.69

220 = 220°

(.69)(60) = 41.4′

(0.4)(60) = 24″

Latitude = 220°41.4’24”


Longitude = 88.244

88 = 88°

(.244)(60) = 14.64′

(0.64)(60) = 38.4″

Longitude = 88° 14.64’38.4″

So now we’ve figured out our “coordinates”, how do we know if the cardinal directions are North, South, East, or West?

Well, there is a repeated term in the original message – “NoW()“. Remove the lower case letter (as one did to isolate the Capitals), and you get “NW()”. Was the hacker going for “N.W.O” or “New World Order”? dun, dun dun…

Probably, given the content of their text. But since we’re looking at a secret text, we have to think covertly.

N and W are also two cardinal directions (the former positive, the latter negative), which happen to fit nicely for both Latitude and Longitude (respectfully). And it fits the overall construction of this narrative – as “0x” is used to signify a hexadecimal feature, “()” usually is used to call a function, the brackets being where you put the parameters of the function!

So now you have the cardinal directions, the mathematical identities of the operators, and the co-ordinates, and you know both the decimal degrees (the very long decimal number).

Before we can attempt to plot our coordinates, we must first discard the latitude of 220°41.4’24”. Why? Because there is no such coordinate on our Earth. Latitude’s range spans from -90° to 90°, Longitude’s spans goes from -180° to 180°.

But here’s the interesting thing, when you do plot the other coordinate, no matter what operator you assign 88.2436564, positive or negative, as Latitude or Longitude, it nearly always goes back to the Arctic / Antarctic (within a few miles of each other). To the North and South Poles.

Considering every instance (since we had to drop one number for being unrealistic):

88.2436564, 88.2436564 (Arctic Ocean)

88.2436564, -88.2436564 (Arctic Ocean)

-88.2436564, 88.2436564 (Antarctica)

-88.2436564, -88.2436564 (Antarctica)

88.2436564, 0 (Arctic North Pole)

-88.2436564, 0 (South Pole)

0, 88.2436564 (South Indian Ocean)

0, -88.2436564 (Galapagos Islands)

Only two of the eight possibilities do not lead to the North or South Poles.


But for the rest, to get to the bottom of this, now we download Google Earth, because we’ll need to import some (linked) databases.

If you’re still with me on this, you’ll want the overall database, comprising 200 years of explorations:

“40 Voyages of discovery to the Antarctic, 100s of Placemarks, 50 images, and 5 MB of interesting information”.

record scratch

So now you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute, this is an insane series of events in the making”. Totally reasonable reaction. After all, how did we get from a hacked website’s message to the coordinates of the true North and South Poles?

Well, the message (left by the hacker group) was all about warning the “Elites” that they had “1 year (365 days) to truly work in faVor of HumaNs and not youR private interests”.

And as luck would have it, there’s so many cool conspiracies involving the Poles.

Such as the Flat Earth Theory.

And the Hollow Earth Theory.

Not to mention the Franklin Conspiracy over the missing Arctic Expedition.

Hitler, being a lover of the Occult, founded his own expedition.

And there’s currently a fresh conspiracy about the Elite traveling to the Antarctic’s secret pyramids!

And finally, my favorite, the 4Chan post, worthy of an Indiana Jones movie.

As for the other two outlier coordinates that didn’t lead to either of the Poles? The South Indian Ocean is considered the resting place of the heavily-politicized MH370 plane. Additionally, the Galapagos Islands was apparently the location for a skirmish between the Nazis and the Allies…

Oh /pol/, never change…

Yeah…whoever these hackers were, they sure put a lot of effort into their message. This excerpt was clearly for the lulz.



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