Julian Assange: Reporters ‘Erecting A Demon’ By Protecting Hillary Clinton (or: The Secret Holy War of the Elites)


Would you believe me if it was pre-ordained? In this moment, Donald is euphoric, not because of any phony God’s blessing, but because he is enlightened by his own intelligence.

Cheesy reference aside, it all started with a tweet cc’ing both Donald Trump and a Trump Supporter, “Jabalon

So who, or what, is “Jahbalon” in Masonic lore? Well, there are in the realm of mythology, Gods and Demons.

That demon’s name? Moloch, the Caananite god-demon of child sacrifice. However, to understand the role of Moloch in all of this (some people whom literally believe the deity to be the harbinger of the end of days in the Book of Revelations), we need to take a step back – all the way back to the Old Testament, to “Yahweh”, the Abrahamic Creator, or as the Freemasons of the Royal Arch Degree (Part of the York Rite) refer to it, the Jah in “Jah-bal-on”.

Bal refers to the Ancient Egyptian->Phoenician->Carthaginian->Babylonian->Assyrian God “Ba’al”, and On refers to the Ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis (via Grecian translation).

A phrase with a troubled history, numerous anti-mason groups believed that such a word uttered by Masons meant it was an invocation of three various gods from three various religions, meaning that Freemasonry could then be considered a heretical religious organization.

It’s a bit worse than that.


From the demonstration of this code-word in the picture above, we can now chart which Masonic “level” most high-level Democrats have at the very least attained. Previously, there were only two options as to whether someone was or was not a member of the Order; either a “Yes” or a “No”. This means that to know the masonic ritual word of “Jahbalon” requires one to not only complete the basic “blue lodge” degrees, but also advance in the York Rite to the seventh degree as a baseline. Remember that within Freemasonry, the central idea around which all Masonic ceremonies or Degrees must revolve is the Loss, the Recovery, and the Interpretation of the Master’s word. Such “obligations” are personal statements, and clearly, for all practical purposes, how far and how literal one takes them are also personal decisions.

Let’s begin:

According to Masonic Brother Wm. F. Kuhn (The Builder magazine, November 1916):

Any series of Degrees, however intimately connected, that does not contain this central idea of Loss, Recovery, and interpretation can not be called a Masonic Rite. This is the goal idea or pivot of the so-called York Rite. The number of Degrees in a Rite is merely incidental. It matters not whether there are three or thirty-three Degrees, provided the central idea, the end of all Masonic symbolism is present.

The Loss and Recovery with a positive interpretation, or the Loss and Recovery with a general or individual interpretation is the very essence of a Rite.

The Loss is symbolized in the Craft or Lodge Degrees, the Recovery [or “Redemption”] is symbolized in the Royal Arch.

To eliminate the Royal Arch would be like removing the keystone of an arch, and the whole fabric would crumble and fall. 


The problem, however, is that their previously-secret holy war against the Church has sort of spilled out into our arena, and we’re stuck dealing with the mess.

Now I’ve seen various people all proclaiming to know what’s going on – with outlandish theories based in New Age Occultism designed to explain away everything from Pizzagate to Cathy O’Brien to Bohemian Grove, but the answer is far, far more simple:

What I am about to tell you sounds crazy. But you have to listen to me. Your very lives depend on it

According to the most important myth in all of ancient Egypt, Osiris captured and killed his brother Set in a dispute. But this was only because Set killed Osiris first, leading to Osiris being resurrected by his wife Isis. This myth essentially repeats the killing of each brother ad infinitum, but the point is that Osiris is considered a “good” god (ruler of the dead, which Egyptians considered the blessed “living”), while Set is considered a “bad” god. This duality was used to explain away all sorts of phenomena in the Ancient Egyptian kingdoms.

The takeaway from this story is that not only will Osiris be killed time and time again, it’s that he knows it will happen and is ready for it. He has accepted his imminent death, and will surrender himself entirely, because he knows he will be rejuvenated, and in doing so, assume complete control. This is why he’s considered a “good” god over Set’s “bad” behavior – he welcomes Death as it comes, never preferring to prolong his life unnecessarily. If you don’t see the parallels, perhaps this will make it simpler. Osiris was widely worshiped as Lord of the Dead until the suppression of the Egyptian religion during the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

The funny thing about Set? He also happens to be the basis for the satanic cult The Temple of Set.

The head of the cult was Michael Acquino, a Lieutenant Colonel in INSCOM, the U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (former Psyops for the military).

Here’s his personal website.

Michael was implicated and acquitted in a pedophilia scandal of his own. The Temple of Set was founded as an offshoot of Anton LeVay’s Church of Satan, which also maintained odd sex rituals, as “there were still, according to the accounts of former members, orgies and services of a sexual nature”.

See, if you apparently disguise your bad behavior as “occult magick”, the US Government leaves you alone. There is an extreme tolerance of “religious practices” (or lack thereof, depending on what cultists claim) and it manifests itself in horrible ways. Regarding pederasty and underground pedophilia sex rings, these cults “provide examples of how pedophiles and/or ephebophiles can concoct religiously based theologies as means both to draw victims into their influence and provide explanations of their behaviour to their young prey”.

While one could say that freemasonry is satanic and comprised of practitioners of the occult (and many, many conspiracy websites do, despite this literally being the Taxil Hoax), a simpler answer exists – there are good lodges, considered official, and bad lodges, considered unofficial.

These lodges are not recognized because they don’t pass the requirements of the Grand Lodge’s accreditation. These bad “lodges” are simply poseurs who buy the rings, fake the imagery, and read the New Age Occult books, pretending to be masons when they’re anything but. They’re commonly referred to in popular culture as “Illuminati”, and while they may claim to be another name for Freemasonry, they are not. For a list of real lodges, contact the Grand Lodge (of your state). They’ll be able to tell you if a lodge you’re petitioning at is a real lodge.

As in any society, secretive or otherwise, however, there are good members and bad members. See, this type of behaviour isn’t exempt from Freemasonry. They shouldn’t act “holier than thou”, despite their credo to make “good men better”, simply because in the years following World War 2, there was a hugely concerted effort to induct as many men into the order as possible – as if to reclaim some of the glory of the old days. One Day Classes were offered in regards to seeking a Master Mason ring. Many men simply paid their lifetime membership dues (which wasn’t a lot of money overall), and considered it a “networking” fee. The cost of doing business. This is arguably why the stereotype of “small towns are controlled by Masons” circulating around the Internet is so prominent. Because at one point in time, it was true.

And it’s still going on to this day, in many jurisdictions around the world. A lot of “secrets” are on the Internet, plain as day for all to see:

It’s no secret that there is trash that comes in with a One Day Class, the real secret, or perhaps the unspoken truth that many of these brothers often forget to touch on, is that there is no lack of garbage that make it in the traditional way too.  This garbage will continue to breed garbage regardless if they are a One Day Class Mason or a traditional Mason.

And yet, even the “trash”, overwhelmingly, will not be satanic – most likely the bad members will be those looking for business and networking connections. They may be bad apples, but they’re not rotten to the core.

Freemasonry understands the mindset of what makes good men bad, and only wants members whom are already good. And they encapsulated the entire concept in “Jah-Bal-On”.

Let’s start out defining what Freemasonry is.

The Freemasons, in addition to literally being the world’s first trade union, “free” to charge whatever they wanted for their masonry skills, protected their secrets of science (physics, geometry, math) initially through rituals. Much of their spirituality, however, is owed to the Judeo/Christian-Ba’al foundational split, with the general consensus stating that the secret society is based on the work of the “[free] masons” who originally built King Solomon’s Temple, as well as the founding dogma of the Knight’s Templar – which existed during a time that they could not. Back then, a god or series of gods was used to clarify scientific phenomena otherwise (at that time) unexplainable. However, Freemasonry transcends religiosity (as it had to become so much more for the knowledge to survive), while the Knight’s Templar (also known as the Order of Solomon’s Temple) reveled in it (however, they too were disbanded by royal decree in 1312).

While there is disparity on what constitutes an official lodge versus an unofficial lodge (namely, that certain lodges have schisms within the secret society and thus refuse to recognize each other), the ultimate basis for a legitimate lodge is that of “purity”. Purity of the members. Purity of their children (literally and symbolically, as they are the next generation).

Official lodges, for example, participate in the Shriner’s Communities, which sponsors free medical aid for children’s hospitals. In some cases, they own the hospitals. The children of Freemasons can even enter into their own order, and many ultimately join Freemasonry when they’re old enough (although it’s not mandatory).

The unofficial lodges however, as aforementioned, do not see children as pure in their own right, but as a means of purification unto their own membership. A selfish act designed to eek away the corruption individually within, to appease a higher power (or so they legitimately believe). A throwback to the child sacrifice rituals demanded to appease Caananite Gods.

The very opposite of the Freemason credo to “be a law-abiding subject, and to the practice of ‘every domestic as well as public virtue’”.

So how do the origins of freemason’s “Jah-Bal-On” relate to [CURRENT YEAR]? Well, pizza parties stem from the globalist belief in the occult, from within the unofficial lodges.


Ritualized child Sacrifice was initially practiced by the Pheonicians and Caananites (among others) as a means of satiating the God(s) of fertility and vegetation – Baal.. It literally made their world go ’round, before a monotheistic Creator came on the religious scene.

Upon the switch from monolatry (worship of one idol at the expense of all others) to monotheism (worshiping one Creator at the expense of all others) Judaism redefined child sacrifice as a symbolic, metaphysical ritual. For example, in the Pentateuch, or Old Testament, child sacrifice is written as a metaphor for apostasy (considered the ultimate sin in Judaism):

[Leviticus 18:21]: “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.”

[Leviticus 20:2]: “Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.”

[Leviticus 20:3]: “And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.”

[Leviticus 20:4]: “And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not”

[Leviticus 20:5]: “Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.”

So how do we know child sacrifice is symbolic in Judaism but literal in Canaanite theology? The brazen bull, presented as a gift to Phalaris of Akragas, Sicily from Perillos of Athens.

The brazen bull (NSFL), for those unawares, is a torture device designed to roast the unfortunate child sacrifice alive – their screams drowned out by either sacrificial drum-beating, or depending on the sophistication of the actual bull, a series of pipes designed to alter the screams into the bellows of a bull.

The practice of burning children in Topheth was ended by Josiah, King of Judah, who “defiled Topheth” as part of his great religious reforms. Akragas also had Carthaginian roots, which will be discussed more under “Bal:” due to the reverence of Carthaginian deity Baal-Haamon.As for the Owl in the above picture, some may think their deification in Roman mythology is based on their ability to see in the dark, as supernatural creatures of the time. However, owls were considered harbingers of death if they hooted while perched on a roof, and placing one of its feathers near someone sleeping could prompt him or her to speak and reveal their secrets. It’s not that they could see in the dark, but that they could see through the dark – and still be enticed by its mysteries.

Already, we can see the combining of an Ancient Egyptian demon with a Roman mythological spirit. The compromising of ancient pagan religions continued with the invention and successful debut of Judaism.

In Judaism, the concept became metaphorical, elucidated by the story of Abraham and the attempted sacrifice of his son Isaac on the orders of Yahweh, wherein a request for a sacrifice became a religious test of a subject’s free will.

In the dating of the origins of Freemasonry, rituals commonly hold that the secret society spiritually owes its existence initially as a continuance of Judaic beliefs – gone underground due to the rise in Roman anti-Zionism (started in the 6th Century BC).

However, while there was an eventual endorsement of Christianity (The Edict of Milan) by Constantine I in the 3rd century AD, the Church became oppressive after the fall of the Roman Empire – leading to the Dark Ages, a time when all academic thought counter to the Church was stifled.

Indeed, including the later appropriation of Ba’al (or its Medieval resurrection in that case), the earliest Masonic text dates to 1425 (under the Halliwell Manuscript/Regius Poem, the earliest of the Old Charges), and describes events occurring in the early 9th century AD, just before the rise of the Italian Renaissance. At this point, Freemasonry has become a Judeo-Christian stronghold against the religious oppression, carrying the morals for both religions.


The “Bah” in “Jahbalon” refers to “Baal” – the Caananite God of the Phoenicians, its status akin to the Judeo-Christian “Yahweh”. It is arguably the flipside to the coin regarding “Jah”, one where child sacrifices are considered literal in order to successfully pass from the world of the living to the world of the dead.

I think it is important to note a distinction regarding Old and New Age Occultism. Old Age Occultism refers to the ancient worship of Baal-Haamon, and Moloch. New Age Occultism refers to the co-opting of Old Age Occultism in a effort to make sense of the ancient cultural rites before any proper methodology for dissemination was discovered.

A great example of this is the existence of Sargon of Akkad. Current theological discussion posits that Sargon of Akkad is the original owner of the “baby-sent-through-the-reeds-by-the-high-priestess-mother-in-a-basket” story, the same that appears of Moses’s origin story. However, Sargon of Akkad’s documented upbringing is New Age Occultism, as the documents that “discovered” the story were found in 1850, and dated to the 7 – 8th century BC. However, the story of Moses originates in the Book of Exodus, dated to the 5 – 6th century BC, and founded in the 400 BC at the latest, and 800 BC at the earliest. Making the Sargon of Akkad story nothing more than revisionist history.

The earliest mention of a “Jewish” homeland indeed comes with the Kingdom of Israel, in the 10th Century BC, until it was conquered in 720 BC in the neo-Assyrian Period.

Jews were expelled to Babylonian captivity in Egypt, and the first Temple of Solomon was destroyed. Later, in 597 BC, Nebuchadnezzar II of the neo-Babylonian Empire (previously of the Assyrian Empire) invades Judah (which remained a separate city despite the original takeover), and conquers Jerusalem.

Within the neo-Babylonian Empire, there was equal worship towards both Baal and Yahweh. However, worship of Baal is also established outside the Old Testament with the historical record supporting the existence of the marriage of King Ahab to the daughter of the ruler of the Phoenician empire, Jezebel. Their union being a sign of the power and prestige of Ahab and the northern Kingdom of Israel, Jezebel (in)famously convinced her husband to abandon worship in Yahweh and convert to the altar of Baal.

Onwards, in 539 BC, the Achaemenid Assyrian empire conquers the neo-Babylonian Empire, and in an effort to assert himself as the rightful ruler over the resulting empire, Cyrus the Great not only allows Jews to return from Babylonian exile, but to bring their gods along with them. This enabled Cyrus (the Achaemenid Persian “king of Anshan” in Elam) to assert himself as the avenger of Marduk, the primary Babylonian God, and act as official oversight to both Yahweh, the primary Jewish god, and Ba’al, the primary Caananite God.

Interestingly, this is the spiritual birthplace of Jewish mysticism’s Kabbalah movement, as some Jews during the Babylonian exile began to blend Old Testament beliefs with Babylonian myths and mysticism!

Their version of the Tree of Life, or the 10 Sephirot, is heavily featured in Kim Noble’s artwork that adorns the walls of Comet Ping Pong!

While Baal may have started out as an innocuous deity worshipped by an ancient civilization, in the 18th century AD it took on a new status by Christians illiterate to the ways of the Old Testament – that of demon-worship, or the occult, within sectarian Christianity, as the lord of the underworld, the prince of Hell. In the New Testament, Baal is referred to as Satan.

While it initially was described as a man or a bull, the 18th century co-opt was later described it as both – the man referring to Ba’al Haamon, King of the Gods from the Pheonician colony of Carthage; the bull referring to Moloch and the signifying act of child sacrifice as a means of fertility within their culture.

When societies conquer each other, their idols become conflated. This is due to the transmission of cultural ideals between regimes. Therefore, due to the conflation of two separate deities, as they are now referred to by the flipside of the freemasonry, Baal is Moloch, and Moloch is Baal!

This is what the Globalists believe. When the DNC staffers profess adulation for Moloch, they literally mean Ba’al. When Hitler expresses a love for the occult, it’s because he believes it’s real. When Wikileaks is warning us of Marina Abramović’s spirit cooking, it’s because she literally believes in it.

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch…”

As an evidentiary side-note, Sex slave victim Cathy O’Brien literally had the face of “Baal” carved into her vagina – NSFL to appease Robert Byrd – who referred to her as “his little witch”.

And as /u/Beneficial1 writes:

“In fact, comets have been observed for far longer in history. The ancient Greeks called them “evil stars,” which in Greek is dys evil and astron a star. This is the origin of the modern word disaster. The association of comets with untoward events or prophecies continued as recently as the twentieth century, when Comet Halley made an unusually close rendezvous with earth”.

“Ties in perfectly with the whole Alefantis is a Witch idea:”

“He has an Authentic Israel Regardie Baphomet [editor’s note: a mistransliteration of Banebdjedet, an Ancient Egyptian ram god] symbolism on his sign and Comet means Evil Star. And Of course Baphomet is the fallen star”.

And why does James Alefantis seem happy to be compared to Pan, the pagan god of sexual perversion, pedophilia and rape?

The Pan association is even more interesting, being the figurehead of New Age Occultism’s “Neo-Pagan Movement”, in addition to yet *another* deity of fertility and nature (like Moloch and Baal/Haamon before it), as an archetype of male virility and sexuality. Additionally, Pan’s goat-like appearance is even considered a representation of Medieval depictions of Satan!

For that matter, celebrities have an interesting connection with this New Age Occultism, like James Franco, Sammy Davis Jr., Will Ferrel, Pamela Anderson, Jay-Z etc…


And if that’s not bad enough, look at St. James Temple, on Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private Island. He claims it’s a building modelled after a Turkish Bath-house, but the appearance suggests otherwise.

For the most part, Mithraea tend to be small, externally undistinguished, and cheaply constructed; the cult generally preferring to create a new centre rather than expand an existing one. The Mithraeum represented the cave to which Mithras carried and then killed the bull; and where stone vaulting could not be afforded, the effect would be imitated with lath and plaster. They are commonly located close to springs or streams; fresh water appears to have been required for some Mithraic rituals, and a basin is often incorporated into the structure.

A mystery religion is any religion which hasn’t survived to present day:

The Mithraeum was either an adapted natural cave or cavern, or a building imitating a cave. When possible, the Mithraeum was constructed within or below an existing building, such as the Mithraeum found beneath Basilica of San Clemente in Rome. While a majority of Mithraea are underground, some feature open holes in the ceiling to allow some light in, perhaps to relate to the connection of the universe and the passing of time. The site of a Mithraeum may also be identified by its singular entrance or vestibule, which stands opposite from an apse-shaped wall in which a pedestal altar at the back stood, often in a recess.

Additionally, you can see a water motif being carried out with the visible statue of Poseidon/Neptune.

As /u/[redacted] writes:

The beliefs of these… cabals (I suppose is the term) always seem to have focused largely on hermeticism and sacred geometry, particularly in their relationships with symbology. The use of ritual and oral tradition is particularly useful as it is actually remarkable durable, it doesn’t have to deviate much with time and it also leaves precious little in the way of physical traces.

Of course ritual is also a brilliant means of control. It helps to establish group identity, to isolate the in group and it removes the sense of personal responsibility.

The main points that sprung to mind while reading your post are a little different however. First, there’s the psychology/neuroscience aspect (cognitive neuroscience is my job description) there is a branch that argues for memory being an interactive process; that searching only the brain to find memory is inherently flawed. It’s a fascinating argument and one I find myself agreeing with aspects of. External objects are remarkably effective at evoking memory and those memories do not need to be related to the stimulus by very much. A particular tone, a symbol, an odd gust of wind etc. All these things can evoke a wide range of memories.

If you combine the associative nature of memory with ritual and tradition you create a very real ability to manipulate the memory of those involved. Similar perhaps to the idea of ‘subliminal messaging’ you can manipulate not just a persons memory, but also their own personal beliefs and manner of thinking.

This is of course the basis of some parts of MK ultra. It’s probably also the basis for a lot of media methods and advertisement. So while I’m sure many disagree with what you posted, from a purely physical standpoint these are things we use, and will continue to use scientifically. We use them everyday, fuck I even used it to train myself.

The second thing that’s been ticking over is a little more esoteric. It’s particularly specific to that line from Clintons email:

W ith fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . .

I’ve heard lots of people claim it’s an ‘inside joke’… yeah cause everyone jokes about animal sacrifice right. But I’ve seen that line before. I knew it when I first saw it, something from a long time ago. It took a while but then it clicked where I thought I’d seen it.

I’ve always been somewhat obsessed with knowing why things are the way they are. Because of that I tend to dig a bit deeper than the surface of things. So naturally after being raised in a religious household (I avoid all religions now and maintain no fixed beliefs) I wanted to get a grip on the other side of the story. So I went digging into the occult. I dug pretty deep. A little too deep and some very, very strange things started happening. Not long after that I figured given how strange some of these things were getting it was time to bail properly.

At the point where I bailed was delving into the texts of [redacted]. I came across a text which described various rituals for summoning. They were somewhat poetically written and so I jumped into deciphering the metaphors. I’ve tried to find this test (it was 12 years ago when I first came upon it) but it seems to have been scrubbed from the web in a fairly serious way. The interesting thing was the rituals were always described in no more than a sentence or two and heavily coded.

They read almost exactly like Hillarys line. The formula matches as well. They always focused on taking symbols, metaphoric and real, of purity, hope etc and tainting them through use of a darker ritual. The idea being that the breaking of taboo, the perverting of a traditional symbol, makes the magick stronger. Crossed fingers are a commonly used gesture for luck, but also the tangling of two paths or the entwining of worlds. Mixing the left and right hand paths

. The mixing of paths, one to mock the other, is symbolised by the old rabbits foot (an icon that would be used by white wiccans and would symbolise the right hand path) and the sacrifice (chicken, also likely white in colour, they do love using white things for sacrifice) for the left hand path.

It’s entirely possible it’s also an inside joke as in “HAHA wish me luck” because what better way to cast a spell for luck? but the joke only makes any sense at all if you’re very, very deep into some very dark places. I can say that for certain because in those schools the act itself is not necessary for completing the ritual the act of thinking it, meditating upon it and feeling it is enough to give it at least some legitimacy and power. Simply by writing it out she imparted power to it.

It’s always light and dark, it’s always 3 symbols and that is absolutely the mark of someone involved in the right-hand path.”

So now that we know about the intertwined histories of freemasonry, Judeo-Christianity, and occult gods, how does this relate to us? Note how Alefantis is linked to solar cults. Ancient Egypt pioneered that shit…


The reason why Osiris cannot be “On”, given the Masonic confusion around the attributes of the term, is because his Ancient Egyptian existence was later combined with Apis (a Hellenistic Deity) – personified as a sacred Bull. The same can be said of the dualistic Set, whose “spirit animal” is also that of a Bull.

This is also why any Conspiracy Theorists who mention “The Cult of ISIS” as a Masonic holdover are incorrect in their assumptions. Osiris is the deity that matters (regarding the “Baal” imagery), not his wife.

Furthermore, the reason why neither Osiris nor Set can be considered as “On” is because while the Osiris Myth states that Horus was conceived after Isis rebuilt Osiris for a posthumous sexual congress, there would have been no way to differentiate between Osiris being the father, and Set being the father. Only recently have DNA tests progressed far enough to ensure accuracy with such testing, but obviously, Ancient Egypt didn’t exactly have state-of-the-art medical facilities…

Therefore, the only “On” that matters is the city of “On”, or Heliopolis (“City of the Sun”).

It’s reverence in Ancient Egypt is akin to Mount Olympus – if you replace Amun/Ra with Zeus. Amun being the God of the Evening Sun, and Ra being the God of the Midday Sun, the combination of which as an omniscient god, but only as a composite deity. Incidentally, Amun/Ra was considered the first self-made deity, which the Egyptians described through the metaphor of masturbation.

The hieroglyphs of which were used mainly by the priests (a separate social class from Pharaohs), and considered “God’s word” – thus falling into the same relevancy as the Old and New Testament (rather than, say, documented wheat orders from an Ancient Sumarian merchant).

Atum/Ra is the head God of the Ennead, which is sort of like Marvel’s Avengers – one member of whom was Osiris. While Scholars believe that “On” dually refers to both the city of On as well as the figurehead of Osiris being the King of the Dead (or as Ancient Egyptians refer to him, the King of the truly “Living”), this is a misinterpretation, as “On” actually refers to the Ogdoad members, the primordial deities of On (rather than their metaphysical creators).

So which God should we be considering, if not Osiris? Kek.

We know him, however, as Pepe, which is a nickname for Jose, which is a transliteration of Joseph (the Padre Putativo), which itself is a translation of “Jehovah Rising”…you seriously couldn’t make this up, folks!

“The names of Kekui and Kekuit are written with a determiner combining the sky hieroglyph with a staff or scepter used for words related to darkness and obscurity, and kkw as a regular word means “darkness”, suggesting that these gods represent primordial darkness, comparable to Greek Erebus, but in some aspects they appear to represent day as well as night, or the *change* from night to day and from day to night”.

More importantly, kek seemingly has the ability to change, for the flipside between the light and the dark, between “Jah” and “Bal”.

According to Egyptologists Jan and Aleida Assmann, their theory of cultural and communicative memory explains Kek quite well.

While Aleida refers to cultural memory regarding the post-war Germans (which incidentally is interesting because Hitler was a huge fan of the Occult), Jan believes that monotheism broke from earlier cosmotheism, first with Atenism and later with the Exodus from Egypt of the Israelites.

While everything thus far lends credibility to this circumstantial theory, this is a theory for another post, as it would implicate Jews as having been in Egypt during the Exodus – which archeological data is inconclusive on – however what remains is that Pharoah Akhenaten’s reign was considered illegitimate by his numerous successors, and what could be more blasphemous than desecrating the sacrosanct pantheistic religious ideals that founded one’s society?

He’s also partly wrong, as Atenism wasn’t the first example of monotheism (Judaism was), it was the first example of monolatry (or “one idol worship”).

Referring to the theory of Kek and the theory of cultural and communicative memory, however, here’s what Jan had to say:

“Cultural memory is a kind of institution. It is exteriorized, objectified, and stored away in symbolic forms that, unlike the sounds of words or the sight of gestures, are stable and situation-transcendent: They may be transferred from one situation to another and transmitted from one generation to another. External objects as carriers of memory play a role already on the level of personal memory. Our memory, which we possess as beings equipped with a human mind, exists only in constant interaction not only with other human memories but also with “things,” outward symbols”.

Basically, he’s saying that by our actions in memeing the shit out of Pepe, we’ve created our own collective memory. We’ve basically taken the /r/MandelaEffect to a whole new level, but instead of ignoring such coincidences as we would have previously, now we’re actively paying attention to them, and using them to alter our perception of people, places, things, and cultures.

The thing is, Occultists believe the same thing – their “magick” as a means of redirecting “dark energy” to affect their victims. Child sacrifice and pederasty as a means of appeasing Moloch would easily be a sign of that. Judeo-Christian worshippers believe the same thing, in going to Sunday Church and praying. Even the Chinese call it “Qing” – the life force. It is a concept valued by every culture on Earth, and it’s not that it’s real, but the beliefs in it (and thus the resulting actions from it) definitely are.

For example, Manly P. Hall, member of the Freemasons, alludes to this [when he states, in The Lost Keys of Freemasonry: “The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy”.

And that is why “Jah-Bal-On” is so dangerous in the wrong hands (and why “The Secret” was so financially successful); people are unaware of the connection. It’s the equivalent of “Thy Will Be Done”.

The unofficial lodges of Freemasonry, the lodges that pretend to be Freemasonry (like the Illuminati), the cults (like the Temple of Set, the Church of Satan, and Islam), those are the epicenters of the globalist cabals.

The enabling of evil such as the Temple of Set, Pizzagate, etc. without a proper understanding of the duality – beyond mere “meme magic” (most of which is just confirmation bias) leads to events like CERN’s opening event being a Satanic shit show, it leads to Alex Jones having to film the Bohemian Grove; crazy people acting in crazy ways because they believe in crazy events unfolding. No wonder the freemasons have to become the “keepers of the light” for the betterment of men.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should sign up to be a Freemason (if you don’t want to), but what if means is that you should be aware of what the Globalists believe. This is what they believe! it transcends geopolitical borders, linguistic disparities. Through continuously raising questions and paying attention to news that would otherwise be swept under the rug, we can effect the conversation in our favor.

We literally shitposted a man into the White House. And that’s the power of Kek.

SAY IT WITH ME, FOLKS: “Carry thou this Pepi with thee in the cabin of thy boat, for this Pepi is the son of the Scarab which is born in Hetepet beneath the hair of the city of Iusaas the northern, and he is the offspring of Seb” ((The Gods of the Egyptians – Page 85)


Although… I did say it would get worse… revealing the ancient codeword “Jah-Bal-On” and its relationship to the DNC was not that. This is:

1 Corinthians 10:21:

21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.

Matthew 6:24:

24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

And what is the meaning of an upside-down cross? It depends on the context. When the symbol is used in a church setting, it is most likely a reference to Peter and the manner of his death. In other contexts the inverted cross is often an anti-Christian symbol, just like the necklace that Chelsea Clinton wears.


3 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Reporters ‘Erecting A Demon’ By Protecting Hillary Clinton (or: The Secret Holy War of the Elites)

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