FBIAnon is James Comey (Full Explanation Inside)

While writing a post about the contents of the private server – connects 9/11, the Clintons AND the Bushes, Libya, the USS Cole Bombing, the destabilization of 32 countries, and the rise of an international terrorist syndicate – as well as the displacment of millions of refugees. All over petty American foreign policy bullshit – I came to the realization that FBI Director James Comey was FBI Anon.

Comey was deputy special counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee and reported directly to Ken Starr, Comey worked directly under Rudy Giuliani and he is a life long Republican. In fact, that’s why he was appointed by Obama – as a show of bipartisanship.

Comey has made a career in investigating the Clintons and he has exactly zero to show for it. This is his last chance to damage them because if Hillary got elected, Comey wouldn’t be able continue the investigation. He’d be replaced by President Clinton. Comey would represent Obama’s administration, not hers. While FBI Directors are appointed for 10 year terms, there are precedents to remove directors – and nothing would be too hard for Clinton to come up with an excuse (Bill Clinton famously fired William Sessions).

Complicating the matter is that Lynch fucked him over by publicly saying the DOJ would follow the FBI recommendations. Comey’s plan would have been to recommend charges and leave the mess with Lynch. Now because of Lynch, the buck stops with him, and he doesn’t want to die. Furthermore, he can’t actually recommend charges to the DOJ (which is his job), as he’d been warned by the DOJ to not go forward with the investigation.

All in all, it looks like both his moral compass and his reputation will take a hit. Comey, with no way out, then does a completely unnecessary press conference, railing against Hillary Clinton. He says she’s careless. He tries to destroy her reputation publicly because he knows he can’t do it legally. He tells Gowdy that after the election, he’ll realize that it’s still the FBI he knew and loved.

In having the unnecessary press conference, he signals to other government actors that something strange is happening in the Obama administration. In the public sector, such occurrences are warning flags. However, Gowdy doesn’t pick up on the hints, as he didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle like Comey did. The message was lost and Comey looked like a traitor who wouldn’t do his job.

After all, Clinton and Co. (including Lynch) had hid emails and info from Chaffetz, Gowdy, Rogers, etc. The reason he kept giving immunity to everyone is because he wanted the top dog – Hilldawg. He had Cheryl Mill and Combetta, but wanted Hillary. The entirety of the state dept, the obama administration, and that Clinton & co were working against him – publicly.

So Comey goes to 4Chan – one of the few places left on the internet that is simultaneously both conspiracy theorist AND taken seriously. Taylor Swift is on 4Chan, ISIS was bombed thanks to 4Chan users, etc. 4Chan also maintains many users who support Donald Trump (given their like-minded alt-right interests). He details a shocklingly prescient amount of information – a huge majority of which has been proven true – so the “highly weaponized autism” can connect the dots for him.

Enter the Weiner investigation. The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara’s prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders…sounds like a younger version of Comey working under Guliani?

So now, in spreading the 4Chan “truth” (the narrative of which he alone can control because he’s the FBI Director, and thus has circumstantial pieces – albeit missing the evidence), as 4Channers dig up the evidence for him AND works with Preet in utilizing the Weiner probe in establishing a parallel investigation.

Weiner’s Clinton emails are useless in a child pornography case. But with a parallel investigation, an alibi can be created as to why the FBI even has that evidence in the first place. And by pressuring Weiner (because he’s a pedo), no warrant is needed since he gave permission. So now Comey has emails that don’t require a warrant (meaning Lynch cannot block him from doing his job). He has Weiner ready to sing like a bird in a parallel investigation, alongside Preet who shares his ideals. He’s received attention from 4Chan and /r/the_donald by directing the narrative to obtain as much crowd-sourced evidence as possible. This enables him to be “forced” to grant a public re-opening of the investigation that Lynch shut down. This gives Comey the plausible deniability he requires in order to actually do his job (which he did when he publicly sent an open letter 11 days before the election mentioning he found more emails).

This allows him to not only ensure that Hillary will not win the election, but also that (most) parts of Clinton & Co will go to jail (Weiner, Huma, Hillary, Lynch).

Comey wins, and more importantly, lives.


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