Dr. Soros (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love Our Future Invasion of North Korea)

As I detailed in two previous posts, wherein I explained how Putin, Soros, the Mainstream Media, and Trump used the same technique to gain a following, as well as how Soros funds “disaster relief” globally in order to create and then exploit financially-lucrative macroeconomic trends, it’s not really Clinton’s militarianism, but America’s. And not really America’s, but Soros’s (see Hanoi John McCain, #7).

While that claim seems dubious, for the 2012 election, George Soros himself said “if it’s between Romney and Obama, there isn’t all that much difference”. For the 2008 elections, the choices were “Hanoi John McCain” (who has received funding from Soros since at least 2001) and Obama. For the 2004 elections, he didn’t like Bush – but he did like John Kerry. And in 2000, he liked Al Gore (who lost by a razor-thin margin). Soros is an opportunist, and whether or not his goals can be interpreted as “right” or “wrong”, his goal is to ultimately make money. At any costs.

The new Podesta email reveals that Soros has a “plan” to control the future presidencies past 2008Soros is lying to Podesta, feeding him only information that he needs to know… Truth is, he’s controlled them all – even Bush’s voting machines that caused the Gore upset (Soros wanted to start a war and blame it on Republicans, but then changed course after realizing he could just buy up the DNC party / GOP politicians)!

He is not loyal to Hillary, or Sanders, or Feingold, or McCain. He’s not loyal to the DNC. Even though he owns all of them, he will play all of them against each other, and the only time they’ll find out they’ve been played is when the game is over. On both political sides.

Thus, Putin prefers Trump not because he likes Trump, but because Hillary prefers Soros and Soros prefers the destruction of nationalistic countries.

Now there’s been a lot of chatter in the media (this website included) to view Soros as a man with American goals. That no matter what he does, he will always find a way to benefit the DNC that he owns. But that tendency is wrong. See, to Soros, his goalposts change. First, he bought the Democratic National Committee (after eight years of trying), then he wanted Bush out of office (after eight years of trying), then he wanted Russia (he’s been trying for over sixteen years), then he wanted America (which he didn’t presently get thanks to Trump), and now he wants the world.

To Soros, the world is not enough, and there’s no one he can’t reach (Soros even controls The Pope). His final goal is ‘a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that’s as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere. And he’s going to use the GOP to do it (what’ll end up happening is that he’ll become stonewalled by fairweather politicians, and truthfully tell the people his hands are tied. The media will pounce on him, saying he’s an ineffective president, and they’ll condition the population to hate him). The fairweather GOP could also impeach him to achieve the same result, but that’s a really risky all-or-nothing move. It’s much safer to stonewall, especially after Ryan’s Pussygate failed.

Whenever politicians say or do anything contradictory in their nature, you must assume they are in that moment acting in their capacity as a Soros marionette. So instead of focusing on the marionettes and their numerous inter-connected strings, let’s focus on the puppet-master.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in the unique capacity to call the shots on rebel insurgencies in real-time. This gave her unprecedented access to report to Soros, which gave him unprecedented intel in how to further his goals. When a man who destabilizes countries has access to a woman who controls the foreign policy response of one of the last superpowers on Earth, that’s a relationship that should be questioned. And now he has a wealth of classified information at his disposal.

Even though Russia was Soros’s prior White Whale, to achieve his overall aims, he’ll start a war with North Korea instead.

North Korea is one of the few places left that’s purposefully nationalistic and purposefully weakened (in all aspects, and at every level of their government). It’s one of the easiest nations for Soros to destabilize, because:

1)    When one man runs an entire country, a regime change via US-backed military coup isn’t unheard of.

2)    Everyone is unsure whether or not North Korea is capable of warfare.

3)    North Koreans are already brainwashed, making them even more effective guinea pigs for Soros’s usage of the “asymmetric warfare” nation-destabilizing technique.

4)    North Korea maintains several forced labor camps which, after the restructuring of the country, would flood the Asiatic nations with refugees unable to read, write, or perform highly-skilled jobs.

5)    North Korea is one of the few places on earth that, if effected, would topple enough dominoes to lead to the fourth world war.

I’ll go through them one by one:

1) When one man runs an entire country, a regime change via US-backed military coup isn’t unheard of.

Destabilizing countries is the historical modus operandi of the United States foreign policy. They’ve done it directly, [by having spies posing as diplomats, and indirectly, by funding and supporting local insurgencies and militias. In fact, it’s largely why embassies are shut down in countries all around the world – foreign powers just don’t want to take the chance that their act of good faith will betray their sensibilities.

Moreso, some countries take hard-line stances against foreign journalists and foreign workers, on the off-chance they may be conducting espionage. In Iran and Lebanon. In Libya. In North Korea (the journalists whom, interestingly enough, are featured with a young child in a Podesta email, eating cheese pizza).

Especially since the media is a great pretext for conducting espionage, as the CIA has come to realize.

The reason such a regime change would be subtle is because if American actors were to overtly anger Kim Jong Un, it is unclear how their military would react, since little is known about the nation in any regard.

2) Everyone is unsure whether or not North Korea is capable of international warfare and diplomacy.

The shielded state rarely highlights the intensity of their military arsenal. While they openly conduct threatening tests of their nuclear equipment, few experts can agree whether such tests are real, or if real, whether such tests are actually damaging.

North Korea’s usage of cyberdefense is also sometimes said to be the best in the world, and the worst in the world.

In terms of military support, there is little known about the training of their air force pilots, or their grounded air support system.

Even North Korea’s current alliances with its neighboring countries is indeterminate. They seem to be currently protected by China in an unstable relationship. However, with the aforementioned ramped-up missile tests and the impounding of Chinese fishing boats, there’s growing concern that North Korea won’t become a China-compliant state anytime soon. For China, it is crucial that NK be controlled, as they serve as a buffer against the Western world and South Korea.

But on the other hand, China allowing a humanitarian “flood” into South Korea would ensure a severely weakened enemy. We’re now seeing shades of this with Kim Jong Nam’s assassination. He was killed in a public place, where CCTV cameras would be present, in an incredibly overt manner. A real assassination by a bigger brother would have been one disguised as a car accident, or perhaps non-violently in his sleep – especially if the narrative of preventing another “Claudius” (whom Caligula spared because Claudius was deemed too dumb to be a threat to the rulers). Un wouldn’t have flaunted attacking a man whom existed under the control and protection of the Chinese and Malaysian governments.

Instead it was an assassination designed to look like an accident, meaning it was an assassination (wink). Not carried out by the current Dear Leader, but by “oppositional forces within North Korea’s elite” that would want an instigatory war in which China would let Americans invade the North. These same oppositional forces have led to the serendipitous “media discovery” of Nam’s son, who appealed for peace in his uncle’s regime, and for the idealization that one day, the Koreas would be united again. After all, “Succession is always the Achilles’ heel of regimes like this,” said Aidan Foster-Carter, a North Korea expert at Leeds University.

The result of the assassination led to China placing sanctions on NK for the time being (until they need to rely on NK coal in the wintertime), and America placing fresh sanctions on China should they do any further business with NK. For the record, NK depends on China for 90% of its economic activity.

“China has been part of the problem rather than part of the solution,” said Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, who describes North Korea as a global military threat.

China has “acted like North Korea’s lawyer at the UN Security Council. They deny evidence of North Korea wrongdoing, they insist on loopholes, they insist on watering down what would otherwise be more effective resolutions” at the United Nations, Klingner said.

Little is also known about the makeup of Kim Jong Un’s political cabinet, as he controls the entirety of the state media. So much so that the only bad news to every come out of North Korea is due to the efforts of the South Koreans, the British, and whomever else is watching the secretive nation. Even the story of Dear Leader feeding his uncle to dogs is considered a hoax! Since virtually nothing is known about the inner and outer workings of the country without massive contradictions among experts all across the board, this makes it incredibly easy for Soros to control the narrative (North Korea’s, and ours).

Which leads us to the fact that North Koreans are incredibly malleable:

3) North Koreans are already brainwashed, making them even more effective guinea pigs for Soros’s usage of the “asymmetric warfare” nation-destabilizing technique.

Kim Jong Un’s cult of personality demands complete subservience from his people, it’s really the only way he can maintain control. Should it be removed (through imprisonment or assassination), North Korea would be left with nearly 25 million subservient human beings. As evidenced by the enormous control Soros (and his Liberal media) have on *American* broadcasters, to the point that few knew just how controlled they were until Trump ran (and won) the Presidency, manipulating those whom are already brain-dead will be easy enough. And he’ll do it like he always does – “asymmetric warfare”, and “meme magic”.

Essentially, it’s all about bombarding civilians with tons of mixed messages, causing confusion in the overall populace, forcing them to be torn between a nationalistic or a globalist understanding regarding their country’s perspective on the world stage. The more insurgencies funded, the greater the amount of confusion that can be generated, as messages will be split into sub-messages, and so on and so forth. It’s a tool invented by the Tavistock Clinic, co-opted by the CIA to establish a long-standing cultural warfare in virtually every country in the world (including America) by funding the politically correct art world, utilized by Putin to bolster Russia’s strength as a nationalist power, and co-opted by Soros to essentially create and exploit opportunities to “short” his investments. It’s been twisted and tweak so many times for such a long time that the Soros-backed insurgencies literally believe they are right at all costs. To them, the ends always justify the means. And on this issue, you can never change them – it’ll always be something in their heart they know is “right”. Even the ones old enough to remember a time before such confusion set in don’t realize just how much has changed since then.

And while some can be converted back – like Afterberners supporting Trump, look at all the BernieBros shilling for Clinton. You will never convince them that Trump isn’t a monster. And the Afterberners who support Trump will always believe that Sanders had the nomination stolen from him, or that he was somehow taken advantage of.  Black Lives Matter, because it was influenced upon tribal politics and not on an incredibly poor understanding of Economics 101, has been entrenched even deeper. Due to a false equivalency regarding slavery and the civil war, you will never get them to change.

Even worse is that the two aforementioned Soros-funded groups had a Western education growing up. Imagine having none of that, and you have the North Korean populace – They are literal sheep, all of them.

And that’s how his war will be started, not with bullets, but with the bullish:

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.

Bader’s main style of litigious argumentation is through female empowerment.While there’s nothing wrong with promoting more female-friendly aspects of traditionally-male jobs, there exists a conflict of interest.

Despite the requirement of a Supreme Court Justice to be impartial, Bader Ginsburg has hinted that a Hillary Clinton replacement of her Supreme Court seat could be following in her political footsteps – to Bader, their policies are interchangeable.

While Clinton will never be nominated for a SCOTUS position, the point is that Ruth is heavily compromised. If she is not impeached for failing to uphold her commitment to the court, then what will happen is a deluge of media-hyped Western propaganda.

The issue will become so far removed from our sensibilities, the narrative will be so well crafted that overwhelmingly Americans will become more interested in liberating this place because it’s the right thing to do! As is tradition, they will hate us for our freedoms, and North Korea will become this generation’s Iraq / Afghanistan.

They will “meme magic” their way into brainwashing a North Korean citizen to remove Dear Leader, or they will do so by promising the board the support of the US – and retract their conditions afterwards (like what Larry Devlin did to ensure the death of Lumumba). It won’t be an outside agent (because Kim Jong Un would go nuclear), or economic sanctions (he’d simply use starvation of his population as a pretext for removing anyone he didn’t like), and military coups wouldn’t work because his family has killed plotters of such endeavors before. No peaceful transition of power is possible either, because he’s a dictator.

As a side note, did anyone else notice how James Franco is friends with Marina Abramović?

4) North Korea maintains several forced labor camps which, after the restructuring of the country, would flood the Asiatic nations with refugees unable to read, write, or perform highly-skilled jobs.

The worst part is that even though we have no idea what the populace of North Korea actually thinks of their leader and their daily lives, there are hundreds of thousands of people slaving away in the camps, with millions dead, and an unestimated number of those with numerous health problems due to terrible living conditions.

If Kim Jong Un (or his cabinet) were replaced, the prison camps would end. The closest analogy to the camps is probably the Holocaust’s Nazis imprisoning the Jews, and the American’s freeing them. The glaring difference is, of course, the fact that the Holocaust lasted for 6 years, whereas the North Korean prison camps are designed to last for three generations. While there will be some lucky ones who remember a world outside such forced labor, even if they do remember such a life, they will still have grown up brainwashed.

This would create an overwhelming collapse of every neighboring country’s welfare system (if any). For perspective, the Syrian crisis has about 13.5 million refugees. Already their systems are swamped, with some countries collapsing after accepting a mere one hundred thousand. North Korea would have twice as many people.

This would not benefit anyone, or any nation.

5) North Korea is one of the few places on earth that, if effected, would topple enough dominoes to lead to the fourth world war.

Toppling North Korea will allow him (through North Korea) to stab Russia in the back while Russia’s looking at America. It will also (incidentally) destabilize the aggressively nationalistic Asiatic countries China and South Korea. Furthermore, with mounting global pressure from nearly every American-backed Islamic countries, millions of refugees spilling into Russia when they hear that Russia has natural resources, millions avoiding China when they see that the country has deliberately re-adjusted their currency in response to the humanitarian crisis, Russia’s presence will be weakened. American presence will be bolstered (even though it’s really Soros’s America) and overall it will look like we’ve won.

A full onslaught will cripple Russia permanently and destroy the country, so Putin will do the last thing he can – declare a non-nuclear world war with drones and troops. He’ll be joined (based on nationalism, cultural attitudes as they currently stand, and their views of Soros) by main players China, Japan, America (if Trump is able to rally the people to defeat the Soros-backed politicians), Australia, Turkey (if they control Syria), Russia (for obvious reasons), India, the UK (if Brexit occurs), France, Germany, and Israel.

On the other side will be every country poised for globalism, including all of Africa, the Latin American Countries, Canada, and all of the American-propped Islamic countries (including Syria if Turkey is unable to conquer).

Various nations will also serve to bolster their reserves (like Putin did by annexing Ukraine (and attempting with Kazakhstan), and like China is trying to do with the South China Sea (both invade by controlling neighboring monopolies on state utilities). While this doesn’t mean they’re ostensibly annexing because of Soros, it’s definitely on their mind as countries watch each other on the world stage, and Soros is pretty unpopular with Russia (and vice versa).

America will become the “swing country” based on whether Soros will have influence in the declaration of war, and while nationalist at heart (since it’s run by a dictator), Turkey will switch to the opposite forces purely out of spite against America, and on the realization that open borders and influxes of refugees will destroy the dictator’s power grasp. Pakistan will also vote along tribal lines and oppose India (whichever side they choose).

Jill Stein has currently mentioned that a Clinton Presidency would result in a nuclear war with Russia. When the media goes crazy during election season, with new threats of aggression made against Russia on a daily basis, it’s not really about Russia, and Putin knows that. In fact, he refers to it as “election rhetoric” and we’ve seen it in pretty much every election since the 80s. Yet even though Clinton will never have any political power again, never forget who was backing her. Who controls the neocon Republicans. Who will gladly take down Russia in order to achieve their ultimate dream of world destabilization.

But that would truly be the darkest timeline, wouldn’t it? Not quite, there is yet a darker one (out of the scope of this post).

So what should we do? Remove the fairweather politicians. Impeach Ruth Bader-Ginsburg.

EDIT: While some have interpreted that this means I’m a lover of dictatorships, nothing could be farther than the truth. This is a very difficult situation to maneuver, but one has to understand that in those parts of the world, fear is a powerful motivation for keeping a country intact – as some Iraqis will say “Saddam Hussein was bad, but now we have one hundred Saddam Hussein’s running around”.

EDIT 2: The interesting thing is that none of this would have occurred if Hillary won. Obama’s foreign policy (which would become Clinton’s) would be based on an “Asian Pivot” against China becoming aggressively nationalistic. It is akin to the European Pivot, Middle Eastern Pivot, and Latin American Pivot, that existed in previous centuries, wherein America would focus all their might into destabilizing a specific part of the world (with unique consequences for destroying the entire surrounding region). A “Pivot” against North Korea would be very similar, except it would ultimately destabilize the whole world.



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