Donald Trump Is The Most Amazing Troll I Have Ever Seen:

Anti-Trumpsters, the mainstream media, and various democratic pundits have all maligned Donald Trump for his rather unique usage of Twitter. In fact, nearly everyone can point to their quintessential “Donald” Tweet, whether he’s providing commentary on the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart breakup, Arianna Huffington’s husband (and her divorce), and even Rosie O’Donnell.

Yet the underlying mystique behind his tweets isn’t that he’s merely using Twitter as a platform to unleash his vitriol and rage (as everyone on the Left assumes, and as his detractors certainly do themselves), but to massively virtue-signal to his supporters of things yet to come. The mainstream media, and Twitterverse, only ever focus on the superficiality of it all, but there’s more to The Donald than meets the eye.

He took the opportunity to showcase this beautifully at The Red Dinner.

A Charity Dinner. Comprised of Fundraising Donors. For Children’s Aid. In front of the Archbishop of New York.

Because he knew he could get away with it, since everyone would focus on the style and not the substance.

While some pundits come close to realize just how overly complex his “4D Chess” is, it never crosses their minds just how good he is. He’s so good, in fact, that even members of his team don’t catch on until they see it in the news.

This leads the media to notice what Trump wants them to notice (how his staffers might not know everything, and thus lead them to believe his campaign is sinking). Ironic, then, that the media would portray Trump as a Citizen Kane allegory given that it actually is Trump’s favorite movie.

So without further ado, here are the top ten reasons why Donald Trump is the most amazing troll I’ve ever seen (and he’s not even President yet, folks).


1) The 400 lbs hacker (from the Second Presidential Debate).

In the second debate, on Oct 9, 2016, Donald said that the hacks could have come from a 400 lbs hacker. This isn’t just an off-the-cuff remark, as Kim Dotcom mentioned on December 1, 2014, that he would be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare in 2016. Hillary Clinton did not officially declare her candidacy for President of the United States until April 12, 2015, nearly a year and a half later.

According to the Washington Post, as of December 11, 2014 Hillary Clinton had not set up an exploratory committee, the proper legal avenue for conducting such activities. This means no one publicly should have known she’d run at that time…

We now know from Wikileaks that she’d been considering a run privately among her campaign staff, with documents dating their “dry run” as early as November 19, 2014 (in the “Early Spending Memo”).

So how did Kim DotCom know she’d run? He could have guessed, as it’s not a state secret, that as Donald said, “she doesn’t quit, she doesn’t give up”. More plausibly, Kim could have known how to get them (legally) this entire time.


2) The Watergate Joke (from the Al Smith Dinner).

During the Al Smith Dinner, after the pleasantries had been mentioned (as it is supposed to entail light-hearted banter after all), the very first joke that turned sour was Donald questioning Hillary’s connection (in corruption) to Watergate.

Donald deliberately said Hillary was so corrupt, she was kicked off the Watergate Commission. It is extremely telling that of all the funny jokes he made, his Watergate joke is his first non-joke, and a signal that he’d changed tracks in his “comedic” routine.

Why would he do this joke first? Because this was broadcast live, and he knew that the importance of the dinner and of the guests meant nothing. Especially if the feed was cut (like it was with Rep Collins on CNN after mentioning Wikileaks, or like it was at Trump’s event at the Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s Church), then he’d at least get his most important joke in.

In doing so, CNN (and all the other major media channels) aired that remark for the very viewers Donald wanted to reach: the low-information voters now had all the information they needed through an relevant analogy.

He knew he could possibly make one joke before the feed would likely be cut, so why not make it count?


3) The leaked 1995 tax return.

Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return was “leaked”. Now whether it came from a mole in his campaign, or from Marla Maples is irrelevant – even if it was postmarked from the Trump Tower.

His 1995 tax return was jointly filed by Marla Maples.

This is why it was a “leak” from Trump, because if Marla Maples is allowed to both possess her copy and leak it if she wants, then there’s no legal culpability on her end.

Therefore, instead of being tied up in suing for an illegal obtainment of such files, the focus can be spent on its overall purpose, to craft the narrative by making it an analogy for his comeback story both personally and professionally and to talk about Hillary’s special interests to donors, and the donors themselves.

In fact, the only response that was made to the release was “What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?”

Hillary herself lost 6 Billion Dollars when she headed the State Department.

The hilarious thing about these tax returns is that they document financial problems Donald has never been secretive about.He mentioned it to Richard Branson (who could only focus on the fact that Donald also told him “he’d spend the rest of his life destroying people”), and it’s even in the opening narration on The Apprentice, Season 1!


4) John Miller.

This is actually a failed attempt at Donald’s “4D Chess”, but I thought I’d include it here anyways, because it is an eye-opening glimpse into not only how he sets up free media cycles, but also in how even when he’s found out, the mainstream media pundits still don’t understand just how good he is.

In 1991, a reporter apparently called Donald, asking for a comment on his breakup with then-girlfriend Marla Maples in lieu of Carla Bruni. Donald answered the phone as his PR publicist, “John Miller”. What’s surprising about this isn’t that people couldn’t tell it was Donald, but that he actually leaked the tape himself, which the reporter inadvertently surmises near the end of the interview.

Given that Megyn Kelly didn’t find out until they were on air, this heavily implies that in the pre-screening interview with the reporter (where they highlight the areas to be covered), no staffer bothered to fully fact-check here story. Also implied is that even if the story was fact-checked completely, and the story ran anyway as a means of cultivating fake sympathy for the media channel and Megyn, a phenomenon which happens more often than one would think, that it completely blew up in their faces.

Because while Donald almost got a free media cycle, the Megyn and the Reporter think it’s “because he loves publicity”. In contrast, doing such things allows Donald to show he has a rich sense of humor (a possibility surmised by Megyn), and allows more people to learn about his love life that would otherwise not be mentioned.


5) The Access Hollywood Tapes.

Trump intentionally leaked the tape to the Washington Post. Why? Because it’s a paper that is clearly anti-Trump, so they’d be seen as legitimate to run with it versus say, the New York Post. Sure enough, other media outlets followed suit, and with the wall-to-wall coverage from the mainstream media, both political parties, and numerous public officials, this tape became so popular that Donald released an “apology” via Facebook.

See, it’s not that this tape exists, it’s that “[NBC] combed through every interview we have done with Mr. Trump over the past 20 years and at this time, we have not uncovered any other footage that rises to this level.”

Making this tape objectively the worst one. And given that the tapes were owned by a Trump Supporter himself, it is very unlikely that this would be simply lying around in the dusty NBC archives waiting for a random unpaid NBC intern to snatch it up (or so the official story seems to go).

And while the tape and the apology looked really bad (even spawning a failed mini-coup in the GOP, lead by Paul Ryan), did Donald want that type of slander? No, obviously not, no one does.

But his actions served as a means to thwarting the controlled (eventual) opposition. See, not only were there questionable and discrediting circumstances regarding the rape/molestation charges that later befell Donald (ultimately ending as soon as they’d begun – the surest sign of a political hit piece),but for Donald, it was only a matter of time. The same accusations befell GOP candidate Herman Caine in 2012, only that time, such accusations were enough to end his campaign. It is with great irony that Herman later remarked that the GOP needed to be rebranded from the outside, not as “Ron Paul and the Paulites”, but as a “legitimate third party”.

In fact, both instances were being represented by Gloria Alfred, and in both cases, the victims immediately retreated from the public sphere once their stories were legitimately questioned, despite launching themselves into the fray to start with.

In leaking this tape, Trump was able to control the inevitable reaction in the incredibly long con that had plagued his predecessors. And given NBC’s admission that there’s no other tape as lewd as that, he successfully went the Eminem route of using up all of Papa Doc’s insults so his opponent has nothing left.


6) Hillary’s Temperament.

Donald mentioned in the first debate that he’d seen Hillary totally lose her mind at someone “the other day”. What happened “the other day”? Well, Hillary Clinton had been interviewed by Matt Lauer two weeks prior. That didn’t go well because Matt Lauer went off-script.

So who’d Hillary chew out? Donna Brazille.

To elaborate, Matt Lauer in a brave show of objectivity asked Hillary Clinton a question she hadn’t “prepared for”, and when it was over, Hillary chewed out Donna Brazile in front of NBC staffers.

That was rumored to be Matt’s “audition” to become one of the Debate Moderators, and arguably the first debate moderator (considered an honor among journalists), because the aftermath was witnessed at the first debate in Lester Holt’s performance.

Lester Holt pounced on the femininity angle when he decided to be biased against Trump – specifically regarding “the Rosie O’Donell” question and the “Alicia Machado” remark from Clinton. It’s not that Matt questioned Hillary’s performance as a woman to be President, but that Matt questioned her at all. In Lester lobbing his “fair” questions against Trump, it was circumstantial evidence that the entire thing was scripted.

And while it could easily be one journalist simply recognizing the failures of their peer, it was a total hitjob – evident in Hillary’s “Miss Housekeeping” remark, which of course led to a perfectly rolled-out Clinton campaign piece featuring a woman who threatened a federal judge, served as the getaway driver in a murder, was a drug lord baby mamma, and a cartel concubine!

An even more startling revelation is that this clearly implies collusion not just between Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton, but collusion between the Clintons and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Despite being a terrible human being, Alicia Machado at the very least is a prostitute, and moral qualms aside, even prostitutes are heavily judged in the process to become permanent residents or citizens (it’s on the immigration form questions). Perhaps Trump should look into whether the Clinton Foundation “fixed” Machado’s May 2016 citizenship, as it could spark questions about just how (in)secure our legal immigration process is?).

Now, while Snopes says the entire situation regarding Hillary’s tempter tantrum at Brazille is “false” the only reason they say it’s false is because it was posted to a message board. However, this scenario is in no way unprecedented, as Robert Downey Jr has been posting to message boards for years highlighting the sexual abuse that occurs in Hollywood.

This would seem like nothing, except James O’Keefe has implied that a new video is being released implicating both Clinton and Brazille, and Trump funded O’Keefe in May of 2015 – more than enough time for O’Keefe to share his videos with Trump (and only Trump). Why only Trump?


7) Hanoi John McCain.

There is suspicion surrounding whether or not betrayed his country. He says he was tortured for not denouncing America (which would have allowed him an early release offer). Trump said he preferred people who weren’t captured, thus implying John McCain is not a war hero – a refrain the media quoted relentlessly. Trump didn’t exactly mean that, so he tried it again. Later at a press conference, Trump then said “If somebody’s a prisoner, I consider them a war hero”. Still unable to grasp at the message, the media reported this as a contradiction on Trump’s behalf, yet it’s not.

The Vietnamese knew McCain’s father was an Admiral in the Navy and thus the son became a highly treasured POW. Ignoring the fact that the Media pounced on McCain for not being able to lift his arms above his head due to torture (an incredibly hypocritical stance), actual practices of Vietnamese torture were stopped after the death of President Ho Chi Minh in 1969. Second, there is suspicion that McCain wasn’t the last POW out of Vietnam (a claim he makes as for why he refused to accept any early release offer). There is evidence that there were in fact some POWs left behind, and that McCain actively supresses the truth even until today. Third, there are rumors that John McCain actually did release 32 Vietnamese propaganda tapes (even though he says he never would, as that was one of the releases of an early offer of freedom). The reason Colonel Ted Guy apparently never got anywhere with his investigation is because Nixon forbade it, given that McCain’s father was the Naval officer in command of the Pacific Theatre.

Trump wasn’t just being rude, he was highlighting that McCain has a precedent for betraying his country.That nothing he says can be taken as truth. Especially since he had a huge hand in enabling Soros to gain as much control as he did.

In 2002, McCain and Feingold (the same Feingold caught on Tape with O’Keefe saying that Hillary would pass an executive order to ban guns) wrote up the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. While this seems rather innocuous, and actually quite beneficial for the American public, this piece of legislation and its efforts had been sponsored by George Soros. McCain himself was funded by Soros since 2001.

One of the major reforms proposed (and passed) in the Act was to limit the use of “soft money” in funding candidates. This action overwhelmingly affects Democrats, as they are funded by large organizations and establishments (such as labour unions). Republicans don’t have that funding problem, as they’re funded by “hard money” from political donors who have individual cash to spare on a candidate.

In passing the Bipartisan Act, Soros made it illegal for the DNC to actually fundraise.

Because political campaigns were no longer allowed to be funded by “soft money”, they needed to find “hard money”. This allowed Soros to esentially buy majority influence in the DNC, making him the defacto leader. Soros has also sponsored a recent voters registration case, which if his side wins — and which are being led by a lawyer whose clients include Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — are attacking a variety of measures, including voter-identification requirements that Democrats consider onerous, time restrictions imposed on early voting that they say could make it difficult to cast ballots the weekend before Election Day, and rules that could nullify ballots cast in the wrong precinct. Furthermore, in Hillary’s search for “hard money”, she turned to foreign donors (such as the Saudi Arabians) and domestic donors (such as “pay-to-play” positions) in an attempt to fundraise more money outside of Soros for her own personal gain (through the Clinton Foundation).

Ultimately, this is why Donald doesn’t trust McCain. While the obvious counter-argument is, “Well, Donald endorsed McCain for his Senatorship seat,” at that time Trump needed to consolidate the party. He endorsed not because he wanted to, but because he had to. This doesn’t mean that Trump has any new found-respect for McCain, but as Donald told Richard Branson over lunch, he never forgives and he doesn’t forget.


8) Hillary’s Judgement.

Trump isn’t just able to massively virtue-signal his intents, he’s also able to recognize a situation where he can immediately break down the carefully constructed, polished “images” the politicians put forth, to get them to do and say things they otherwise wouldn’t.

In a now (in)famous email, Podesta claimed that Hillary has bad instincts. Trump repeatedly followed this up in mentioning that Bernie Sanders said she had bad judgement. How bad is it?

Well, she gave away secret regarding national security and nuclear power in a debate – because she wanted to appear more knowledgeable than himand joked about it on Twitter, during, and after, the debate. If she was so cavalier about such information to mention it on live television, it makes you wonder what she’s been telling private (and foreign) donors – this would explain a lot about America’s shambles of a foreign policy. It’s not that she mentioned the fact at all, because it’s common knowledge that it takes 4 minutes from pressing the button to detonation, it’s that she mentioned there’s four minutes between the order from the president to the pushing of the button (which then leads into the Four Minute Warning), and the fact that until now, such a secret had never been confirmed by anyone with the appropriate security clearance. That act alone is enough to jail someone, let alone revoke their clearance.

It’s not that this election even considered Hillary as a candidate, the entire election cycle was completely based around Trump. Would people vote for him, or would they not? Would he win the primaries? Would he win the nomination? Would he win the first/second/third debates?

Trump got in her head, through his bombastic attitude and relentless Twittering, and she (like countless others) flubbed. Even funnier is the fact that Obama warned Trump to not spread national secrets (because he’d be receiving security briefings)…. Hilarious, given that Trump also got into Obama’s head as well, shattering his cultivated reputation as a smooth operator, to the point where he is no longer considered a powerful orator.


9) Trump’s “anti-semitism”

Even though Trump has won the presidency, the mainstream media is still calling him and his supporters white nationalists. While there are neo-nazi racists on both sides (and there’d have to be, due to the sheer number of people in America), they ultimately do not represent the GOP or Trump. However, Trump, unlike others smeared with the remark, played up the media’s rhetoric as a means of simultaneously gaining airtime and in allowing people to see just how flawed the media actually is (over the long term).

When he tweeted a poster of Hillary Clinton next to a Jewish Star, with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”, many critics (especially the ADL) decided it was anti-semetic. But Trump isn’t anti-semetic, because a real anti-semite wouldn’t allow their daughter to become a converted orthodox Jew. And in the event that he didin’t care about religious matters because his son-in-law is a wealthy real estate magnate in his own right, a real anti-semite would have drawn the line at Jewish grandchildren (because of their fear of the White race being tainted with Jewish blood). However, Trump’s grandchildren are being raised Jewish as well.

In playing up the anti-semetic rhetoric (never endorsing it, but always in allowing the media to jump to conclusions) he boosted his campaign profile massively. Everyone knew he was running and what he stood for. When the slimy David Duke endorsed Trump, that was a real endorsement based on the media’s rhetoric – David Duke is an actual White Supremacist who hates Jews. But Trump didn’t disavow as soon as he could have because it sells controversy. In fact, Trump disavowed Duke in 2000, even giving up his own presidential campaign in the Reform Party and walking away overall in protest.

The controversy surrounding Pepe is related, but not directly from Trump himself. In casting himself as a controversial White Supremacist role, he invited half-baked claims about racist cartoons, again, from the media (which only delegitimized the Hillary campaign further and the ADL which supports the refugee crisis and open borders). Trump again controlled the (inevitable) narrative.

Further evidence that Trump has been stringing the media along in this regard is that he also believes he can have a good relationship with Israel. Whether or not he can orchestrate the largest land deal in current history has yet to be seen, but given his prowess at punking the media, it doesn’t seem out of the question.

10) Chris Christie

On October 28, 2016, Donald tweeted “If my people said the things about me that Podesta & Hillary’s people said about her, I would fire them out of self respect. ‘Bad instincts'”. I consider this to be the epitome of all of Donald’s tweets: It was a clear indication of what was yet to come.

What came? The firing of Chris Christie.

Regardless of whatever excuses were made to explain the abrupt transition (Chris being sued for BridgeGate, hogging all the attention away from Donald, not showing up for work – all of which are fire-able offenses), two things are clear.

The first is that Chris wasn’t exactly Donald’s friend during the primary, and overtly so. Numerous times.

Even though Chris bowed out of the primaries, Trump saw a benefit in continuing to know him. So Donald let him have a position at the head of the Transition Team Table, allowed Chris to fill the seats with his globalist lobbyist cronies, and when all was said and done (and all information gleaned), he had VP Pence fire the the entire team, in a bid that was describe by the media as “Stalinesque”.


In Conclusion:

And leave it to the media to compare Trump yet again with another mass murderer (the Hitler references were getting a bit tiring). Unfortunately, the media. just. does. not. get. it. Time and time again, Donald has shown how capable he is at manipulating situations and people that he’s inspired the term “4D Chess”, a manner of political strategy as a means of getting ahead.

Even if he has to go deep undercover to manipulate the media, even if he has to go so far as to mislead his staff when necessary, what’s interesting is that despite 24/7 coverage in the media for the last two years (and not to mention relevance for the last 40), few people can stump the trump.

One thing’s for sure, while we can’t stump the Trump, we can definitely see his moves after the fact.


Some Food For Thought:

11) The Corruption of Bill DeBlasio?

At the Al Smith Dinner, Donald Trump implied that Bill DeBlasio is corrupt, by stating “In the old days I would have known him very well but I haven’t been doing so much in the real estate business”. It’s passed off as a joke, but is it?

EDIT: Jesus, Donald. You’ve really cut my work out for me…I’m getting tired of all this winning.







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