Contrary to Popular Belief, Bill Clinton is Responsible for 9/11:

FBI Anon: “She had SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declaration of war.”

For an uprising and possible foreign declaration of war, it would have to be:

1) worse than letting American mercenaries (ex-soldiers) die in Benghazi

2) worse than Colin Powell lying about WMDs in Iraq in order to invade

3) worse than the Clinton Foundation destabilizing relief efforts in Haiti

What’s worse than a government lying about justified invasions and letting soldiers die, or fake charity projects?

Actually having a hand in the invasions, while deliberately causing the deaths of soldiers from other countries. If a foreign power attacks a military installation, that is an act of war. Funny how the USS Cole, which was the bombing of a military vessel was not considered an act of war (even though it was). The US simply blamed Sudan and didn’t respond with military force (the Clinton and Bush administrations were criticized for not taking this seriously before 9/11). 17 soldiers died and 39 were injured.

My theory is that Clinton and Co. destabilized Lybia (we know this already), and then actively helped form ISIS  (John McCain is on camera with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi), finally and actively covering up the CIA connection with weapons smuggling to ISIS (hence the death of Chris Stevens), while using ISIS as a pawn in order to weaken the Western hemisphere (ISIS is in 32 different countries).

I’ll take it one step further:

Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed when Obama said he was killed – that was a distraction against Romney’s “threatening” poll numbers to Obama’s legacy. We know he was alive as recently as 2008 – so what if he was killed  but not before training Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (via Osama’s initial CIA connection from the 80s and 90s)?

Then Abu is able to use the connections, Saudi wealth (Osama was a Saudi Prince), and training in order to create a “new Al-Queda” for our generation – while being ensured by the CIA and Clinton Foundation that he’ll be protected as long as he stays in line (like what happened to Saddam and Ghaddafi)?

This would mean the chemical attacks, tortures, rapes, and ruthless deaths at the hands of ISIS against the citizens and soldiers of those 32 countries is entirely on the hands of the Obama administration.

And implies that since Osama would have been a CIA spook for over 30 years (bankrolled to fight the Afghani Mujahadeen in the 80s), 9/11 would have been a government coverup (only Osama and the Clintons and the Bushes would need to know, when you think about it). However, this doesn’t mean that the US government planned 9/11, but rather let Osama loose to make it happen despite knowing about it in advance (which is more damning when you consider that they’d be letting a foreign power play an unbeatable war game against this country).

And would explain why Bush contributed in invading Iraq on false premises and lies (helped greatly in part by UN Sanctions destabilizing Iraq, from Bill Clinton), and why both the Bushes and the Clintons refused to recognize the USS Cole bombing was a result of Al-Queda. They preferred to bomb a resource-rich nation instead, and blamed the attack diplomatically on Sudan.

This would implicate the CIA (for funding Osama and Abu, as well as for destabilizing foreign governments in deliberately not containing ISIS). This would implicate the DOJ for protecting the US Government. This would implicate the FBI (for failing to investigate obvious ISIS crimes on American soil).

Interestingly, this also involves Bill Clinton, because what else does Soros retain interest in? The Clintons. So it’s no surprise that the power couple actively helped destabilize Bosnia and Serbia in Bill’s Presidential reign (as a lead up to 9/11). As /u/stankypussay writes:

It’s a deeper story to the bosnia case that is not told by the msm. The real dirty business started with the yugoslav wars with the Clintons. The whole area of Srebrenica was a safe zone by the UN.

One year before the Srebrenica massacre on serbian christmas, a islamist leader by the name of Naser Oric, a Bosniak. Slaughtered over 50 serbian villages in the protected zone. Over 3500 Serbs were killed, the Serbian retaliation one year later killed 8000 Bosniaks. By many bosniak prominent figures the killings were planned by the bosniak leader Izetbegovic. By letting them die the Muslims could get the media attention and safeguarding needed by the US and allies.

And the sick thing is that the cucked government of Great Britain and others wanted it to be classified as a genocide when 8000 people die, and not when 3500 Serbs died a year earlier. Making Srebrenica the only classed case of genocide besides Rwanda. Thank God for Putin and Russia it got vetoed. Or the Serbian Republic in BiH would be dismantled.

The first Jihad war on European territory since the middle ages were fought between the Serbs and the Bosniaks. Where thousands of Arabs joined their holy cause to make Bosnia a fully Muslim country. Many of these that fought have been later identified as people helping in the events of 9/11. Many stayed and have whole villages of fundamental islamists in Bosnia where no one is allowed in or any recording to take place. And from one of these villages recruitment to ISIS is held. Bosnia has 2nd most contributers to ISIS of European nations. Thanks rest of the world………….

I recommend all of you to watch, Srebrenica a town betrayed. The only documentary that showed all sides of that conflict. Getting censored by the cucked nations as Sweden and the MSM.

Link to the documentary with subtitles in English. It’s a Norwegian documentary:

What if the real reason the Globalists are against Trump is because he’s the only candidate who doesn’t want to start an unnecessary war with Russia (unlike his GOP counterparts) and who doesn’t want to funnel refugees into America (unlike his Democratic counterparts)? This implicates both parties (even though Trump is an independent under the guise of the GOP candidacy) – both of which are controlled by George Soros (I explained in another post how he did it). This would implicate the DOJ (for protecting 6 different Presidential administrations).

This also implicates both George HW Bush and George Bush, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton (and explains why both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were their party’s respective shoo-ins this year). This is the year the Globalists destroy America. This is why they don’t want another “Reagan” in the White House. Incidentally, this is also the reason why Obama is campaigning for Hillary. It’s not just that she wants a pardon, but that he needs one too (and you know Donald isn’t going to give him one).

2016 is still a suspicious year for timing purposes…because they meant to do it in 2008 but failed. Why did they fail? Because Putin performed a power-switching operation (with Medvedev) to keep his power (defying his country’s term limits). To Putin, his power switching operation in 2008 was necessary. Remember who our candidates were in 2008? McCain and Obama. Both people Soros controls. Remember Joe Lieberman, McCain’s preferred VP? Soros didn’t want him, and forced him out of the party.

This also implicates the Saudis as well. In Bush ignoring Osama’s princely royalty connection, in Clinton refusing to investigate the USS Cole Bombing, in the Saudis donating to Hillary’s foundation, in Saudi Arabia refusing a place in the UN Security Council (they were angry at Russia and China for not allowing them to intimidate Syria), in Saudi Arabia receiving a place on the UN Human Rights Council, in the Saudi princes purchasing shares of publicly owned media corporations (Twitter is technically a media corporation), this allows the Saudi Arabian government to simultaneously control the medium of this country. Only recently have we realized that our media is lying to us. But America benefited as well, with a Saudi Arabian partnership we got cheap oil (which definitely saved us as it boosted our economy). We reached Great Depression Levels in 2008, imagine if we hadn’t had cheap oil backing us at that time.

Additionally, a WikiLeaks released memo from the United States Secretary of State sent in 2009 asserted that the primary source of funding of Sunni terrorist groups worldwide was Saudi Arabia.

What if the last 35 years of our country’s foreign policy is a lie? Podesta should have given us a recipe for Gazpacho instead of Lobster Risotto, as we’re now getting a dish best served cold.

That’s not terrifying, this is terrifying:

Remember when FBIAnon mentioned the Mossad did 9/11?

All evidence can easily be dismissed as a conspiracy against Israel, one spearheaded by the Saudis (who clearly have had a cozy relationship with Clinton, Bush, and Kerry) – a country that undermines our national security already in their support for Islamic jihad.

What’s terrifying is that thanks to Huma Abedin having close proximity to upper-level politics, the Saudi Arabian government could have easily “won over our hearts and minds” to be more accepting of Islam and pedophilia…

Saudis: playing the long con for nearly 25 years…



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