Big Pharma, Clinton, and YOU (Well, your children really)!

WikiLeak ID:

Lauren Jiloty. Child Mind Institute (CMI). How about that? Only instance of “child” in any Clinton email, and Lauren’s name isn’t even in the “To:”.

How do I know it’s for Lauren? MIT told me so.

It’s just an ad for the Child Mind Institute, yet completely unsolicited. But let’s look at Lauren Jiloty, since she was Hillary’s “special assistant” anyway.

On May 23 2016, Breitbart found that “Hillary Clinton encouraged a State Department staffer to use a personal email address to conduct State Department business instead of her official government email account”.

So why is a “personal assistant” being asked by her boss to use a personal email address rather than a government one? What could be so secret? Picking up pantsuit dry cleaning? Looking after Chelsea’s child for an afternoon?

Or is it something more sinister, given that we know Hillary doesn’t like using emails because she fears investigators can read them via subpoena.

It’d be quite an effective fuzzing campaign, using a private email server to be “caught” on the normal political stuff, a misdirection before the reveal.

Like Hillary did when she asked Sidney Blumenthal’s name be erased from emails (because Obama forbade Blumenthal from working for Clinton after the Birther hit-job he pulled), the truly important stuff, the life-ruining stuff (or at least the incredibly damaging) is never done regarding something that can be subpoena’d.

According to Lauren’s linkedin profile, she previously worked for Hillary Clinton from March 2005 – January 2009 (as her Executive Assistant, when she was a senator), and from January 2009 – October 2011 (as Special Assistant to Secretary of State).

But let’s get back to the spam.

The spam advertised is for The Child Mind Institute. Their predecessor (the Child Study Center at NYU, which has a very cozy relationship with Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative University project) also has had a ton of bad press, such as Big Pharma hooking the child patients on drugs.

There was also a horrible pro-bono ad campaign that forced the head scientist (who founded the center at NYU) to resign, and while “kidnappy” in nature, it largely seems to be an egregrious error in judgement). So what did the head of the NYU Center do? He created a company also called Child Study Center Foundation (not at NYU), later changing it to Child Mind Institute. This happened in 2009.

In a display of more bad judgement, Harold was personally involved as a co-author in a 2001 report funded by GSK (study 329), the results of which ended in a DOJ inestigation.  It pertained to pushing Paxil drugs onto child patients, and Harold was accused of fraud and intent to deceive by the US Government. GSK was fined $3 Billion. Basically, Harold lied about the results – one of which is an underreporting of suicidal tendencies.

Another of which is the hypersexuality side effect:

More recent reports suggest sexual side-effect rates of 22% to 43% for all antidepressants (with paroxetine having the highest rate of 43%), and paroxetine has been reported to cause diminished sexual desire at a 9% rate.

Children purposefully being given drugs that cause hypersexuality? Over that same drug that the US DOJ called into question his “intent to deceive” the experts on?

So Harold isn’t really off to a good start here.

But what is the Child Mind Institute?

Well, despite the Big Pharma controversy affecting its predecessor company’s founder, the Child Mind Institute is still politically shady. Their former Director of Development (read: Fund-raising) Lisa Hernandez Gioia.

Harold also emailed Hillary in a Special Request email for a quote and to provide his updated contact information. The email also mentions a memory of dancing between them, so it’s more than just a Big Pharma relationship.

So now we have two top people connected with the Child Mind Institute (the founder and the fundraiser) and to the Clintons. And it is with great irony that they gifted her the 2014 “Child Advocacy Award”. It’s almost like a domestic “pay-for-play” ambassadorship, in a manner of speaking.

But what does the Child Mind Institute do? From their website:

“[Dialectical Behavior Therapy] (DBT) is an evidence based treatment for borderline personality disorder and other disorders of emotional dysregulation, but even the name can be confusing. Dr. Alec Miller, a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the co-founder of group practice Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants in New York, describes what the “dialectical” in DBT means, and how the approach can help people with very troubling behaviors. One of the keys: being able to comprehend and hold in mind two differing opinions of a situation. In other words: seeing someone else’s point of view”.

The institute preaches psychological therapy sessions, yet Harold (and his previous ventures) are known for selling out to Big Pharma (making it seem contradictory in practice)…all connected to the Clintons at mutliple levels and reiterations.

Even if drug shilling is their personal policy, their public policy of DBT sounds like a great way to gaslight someone.

Especially since, according to the creator of the DBT methodology (based on New-Age Zen Buddhism):

“There are four basic aspects to DBT: mindfulness, interpersonal relations, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance”.

Note on that same page that drug users are supposed to be abstinent.

The Child Mind Institute also mentions that they don’t accept industry funding, stating “We share all of our resources freely and do not accept any funding from the pharmaceutical industry”. However, in addition to the Big Pharma funding, we also know that the Child Mind Institute works with lobbyists:

“Our teams work every day to deliver the highest standards of care, advance the science of the developing brain and empower parents, professionals and policymakers to support children when and where they need it most”.

Most academics don’t trust such entities, because their consultants are playing both sides, fail to disclose personal conflicts of interest, or otherwise push bad narratives.

Guess Big Pharma isn’t just shilling overseas now, but lying directly to Americans…and your children are paying for it.

As Reddit user /u/Kjartan_Aurland writes:

What’s more realistic to think – while there are “transtrenders” who do it for politics and attention (they’re roundly looked on with contempt or distaste by the trans community at large) they are a small but obnoxious minority – is that we’re seeing the results of some drugs with endocrine disruptor effects that were used a few decades back, like diethylstilbestrol.

The prevailing scientific theory on the biological origin of transgender identities is that the process of normal masculinization (or feminization, FTM trans people exist) was interrupted or inverted somehow, leaving a trans person with a brain much closer neurologically to the gender they identify as. DES is one drug that can cause that, formerly used by pregnant women in the mid-1900s, which acted unintentionally as an endocrine disruptor and an estrogen. Children of mothers who took it – and their children, and their children as well – have elevated rates of gender dysphoria and physical intersex conditions as well as homosexuality.

The current boom in number of trans people is, in my opinion, from a few causes interacting. The first is the knock-on effects of DES and probably other drugs (absurd to think DES is the only one that could cause it) causing a real increase in the number of people with gender dysphoria. The second is improved awareness of the condition leading to it being more easily recognizable to professionals and sufferers. The third is that societal attitudes towards trans people are more tolerant today than they’ve ever been, and so the greater number of people who know they’re trans are also more comfortable being out about it rather than hiding.

TL;DR: Hillary specifically requests a staffer to switch to a personal email. Said staffer receives spam, yet her entire email address isn’t disclosed (even though it’s not classified). Spam pertains to an advocacy thinktank, founded by a man who personally advocates for pushing drugs on children, yet his institution runs on the belief of the concept DBT (which is completely the opposite approach). Founded by a man who was fired from a public institution with a very cozy relationship to Bill Clinton. Thinktank claims to be impartial, independent, and non-funding – yet they previously hired Hillary PAC staffer. Second Wikileak email highlights cozier-than-normal relationship between founder of dubious institute and Hillary Clinton.




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