Assange’s mysterious behaviour: Why He Is Alive And Well In The Embassy

There are five reasons why Assange is still alive and is still in the embassy:

1) To kill him would turn him into a bipartisan martyr. Globally. The death of iconoclasts tends to transcend politics, and no country wants to be on the receiving end of the resulting backlash.

2) To torture him would both violate international law (and definitely be prosecuted under a Trump government, since it is still currently Obama’s presidency). It would also lend credence to current Wikileaks information, which is the last thing the US Government wants.

3) A CIA-style raid, in broad daylight, in one of the more-watched locations in the world (thanks to Assange’s infamous stay) is incredibly gung-ho. The last time a gung-ho military operation occurred on behalf of the US Government, there was very little backlash internationally – which raises questions as to what the official narrative actually is…

4) He’s a great bargaining chip – worth far more alive than dead – and an extradition would kill such influence. Instead, major countries will posture and pretend to want to write off his significance, but Assange is incredibly valuable to the all the major parties involved.

5) While Sweden has never refused an extradition request to the US, Assange is located on Equadorian soil, surrounded by British land. For the US to not only invade 1, but 2, separate countries, would seriously deteriorate international relations – no matter the excuse given.

So what has happened?

When Equador cut off his internet, it was a warning (and posturing) from John Kerry to not go through with publishing during the FARC negotiations. It incidentally concerns Assange (and was also used to bury an FBI update on Hillary Clinton), but is more about Kerry being able to do his job and not undermine America’s foreign interests.

The Plane

After flying from London Luton Airport, the plane (a Gulfstream G550) landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The landing location is largely considered to be located near a CIA blacksite for illegal torture/interrogation.

The flight occurred on Oct 17, therefore the “false flag” attack people keep talking about (which occurred on Oct 21) is incidental. What happened is that a fire alarm was activated, and the airport has a history of this type of stunt occurring before…

In this case, however, the chartered flight was not “Guantanamo Express” as Redditors have claimed, because that’s not how said plane operates:

“Robert Baer, a CIA case officer in the Middle East until 1997, told us how it works. “We pick up a suspect or we arrange for one of our partner countries to do it. Then the suspect is placed on civilian transport to a third country where, let’s make no bones about it, they use torture. If you want a good interrogation, you send someone to Jordan. If you want them to be killed, you send them to Egypt or Syria. Either way, the U.S. cannot be blamed as it is not doing the heavy work.”


If it is N379P, with no evidence that it actually was, other than a Reddit claim, well… it’s the complete opposite of the CIA’s nature. They don’t ship people here, they ship people out of here.

The only thing that can be verified about the plane is that it is a Gulfstream G550, a plane frequented by government officials and celebrities.

In this case, the plane landed in the same state on the same day Clinton had a rally, and the flight matches up with John Kerry’s schedule. So it’s really just a politician coming home after an exhausting multi-country trip, and not a rendition of Assange. Details are blocked about the plane, well, because it’s carrying the Secretary of State.

The Absence of His Lawyer at His Swedish Interview

Regarding the lawyer not attending Assange’s questioning from a Swedish prosecutor pertaining to his rape charges, yes that is disturbing. However, you can choose to not meet with your lawyer at all (incredibly dumb). You also don’t have to meet with your lawyer if you’ve already met with them to previously discuss the game plan. For example, if you get arrested, a phone call with a lawyer will suffice as legally acceptable regarding your rights. The lawyer never has to show up to your police interrogation.

After years of attempting to be questioned from his embassy, Assange probably knows how he’ll respond – it’s not like he was charged yesterday. He finally got what he wanted, to be questioned without the threat of Swedish extradition to the United States.
The fact that it wasn’t face-to-face, and in writing, was beneficial for him.

After spending 4 years in one room, without being able to experience natural sunlight (as appearing at a window for an extended, consistent period of time could invite snipers), his mental and physical health is deteriorating. Assange is also dealing with the recent deaths of three of his Wikileaks friends – Gavin, Jones, and Ratner. Losing one person is hard enough.

This also isn’t discounting the fact that Assange could have more than one lawyer (They keep turning up dead), the fact that this meeting was intended to be delayed but happened anyway, and that the lawyer in giving his statement could be lying about meeting with Assange.

Nevertheless, dealing with questions in writing behind closed doors is the easiest manner in which to handle an otherwise strenuous request. It also allows him to think carefully how to answer each question, which he’ll need to do given all he’s been through. He’s also, on the prior advice of his lawyer, refusing to comment on an ongoing investigation concerning a country that could actually extradite him to the US (even though Assange is an Australian). Even so, the CISL conference demonstrated he is both alive and not in custody (in the normal sense at least).

The Odd Behavior of Wikileaks

Equador cutting off the internet, at the behest of the current Secretary of State, highlights that any country can be pressured, no matter what. Wikileaks has to be more selective in what they publish (for the time being) because some leaks are better than no leaks. And it’s not that the embassy would be raided and the leaks destroyed, but there would continue to be massive inconvenient DDOS attacks (the few of which have already shut down large swaths of the Internet for days at a time).

Could he have made a deal for his eventual freedom? Probably. I wouldn’t put it past a man who hadn’t left a room in 4 years – prisoners lose their minds after being confined to the solitary ward. Regardless if a deal has been made (and Assange wouldn’t make a deal unless he was absolutely sure he could benefit, since he’s privy to the US Government’s darkest secrets), he’s hiding out until after December 20th (which is the day after the Electoral College votes to decide on Donald Trump becoming the actual President). At this point, to be partisan to one camp or another would be incredibly careless, as the votes could go either way. Remember, it is still Obama’s government, and they have a hardline policy against Assange and Wikileaks because he made them the most transparent administration in history.

One thing that is rather odd is Hillary Clinton not wanting to sue over the election results. The final decision has to still be made by the electoral college, so technically it’s not over yet for her. Her 3rd act will be to assume a “peaceful transition of power” in stating that democracy “won” because the electoral college voted for her!

Assange knows this, as “There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation”. When the Electoral College meets on December 19th, they’ll have the ability to call the election results, even in a slim margin. Gore  foresaw this and sued Bush pre-emptively over voting recounts. He still lost to Bush, the entire case lasting over one month.

Assange doesn’t want to make a move until he’s certain of a personal victory, especially since the media avoided all of his previous leaks, and then some, which in a rational world, would have been covered relentlessly by the media, and would have ended Clinton’s candidacy.

Additionally, the lack of proof-of-life helps signal, despite their poll, combined with their shady AMA, highlights that their account is being heavily monitored. Not that the Wikileaks team doesn’t have access to the account (because changes in writing style could indicate the switchover to a new user), but that they can’t publish under normal constraints. As such, it is expected that each of the Wikileaks members have been given National Security Letters and Gag Orders in an attempt to silence them selectively.

They can still publish, but can’t publish everything. Previous ongoing leaks will still continue, because it’s safer to release information about a target everyone knows about than the target that no one knows about.

Thus, the credibility of Wikileaks is destroyed by the US government, future leaks are used to prosecute whistleblowers, and the media can once again censor contrarian prediction… At least, that would be the plan, if his staff weren’t smart. Instead, they’re running a psy-ops campaign within the US Government’s psy-ops campaign.

Since Assange can’t get out the message directly that he’s presently been compromised (wither directly or indirectly) and waiting for a Trump election certainty, the only outlet he can use is his Twitter. He’s still allowed to publish, so he uploads insurance files that don’t match the hashes, he removes random emails from already-compromised sources (do we really need to hear more about Podesta’s spirit cooking?).

Basically, Wikileaks told its readers they would publish some files that would have a specific signature. This signature is there to prove that the files have not been changed in any way. The files came out recently and the signature on them does not match. All previous files of this type have matched the signature.

Moving Forward

Assange is trying to weaponize autist investigations, the likes which have been seen by 4Chan’s /pol/ and The_Donald. Unfortunately, people seem more pre-occupied with the messenger.

If you truly want to help Assange, start looking through the Bitcoin Blockchain (which can be used to hide messages and pictures). Stop focusing on the man and start focusing on the messages he wants disseminated  (the first of which was an unencrypted data dump to signal that something was wrongwhich also contains file references to international pedophilia). Also start looking into the FARC negotiations (the timing of which started all this).

Don’t get complacent, because the fight isn’t over yet. Expect an 11th hour upset politically. It’s not over until the fat lady cackles.


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